10 Best Jeans For Cowboy Boots – The Ultimate Style for Western Wear Enthusiasts

Cotton and denim jeans are the best selection for cowboy boots. To fashion lovers worldwide, boot-cut jeans are widely popular to wear with cowboy boots. And I guess you are in this folk and looking for the best one for you.

If that is the case, in this article, you are going to find the best jeans for cowboy boots. But before going to the list, you must know how to choose jeans for cowboy boots. So, I’m going to share the tips too.

Without proper fitting and comfortable fabric, jeans can not be perfect. And when it comes to matching with cowboy boots, it’s much more complicated to decide which to buy.

Let’s solve all the issues here.

Best jeans for cowboy boots

Now, I’m going to share some best bootcut jeans for cowboy boots. Since you now know, what should be present in the best cowboy jeans, you can easily compare among the top cowboy jeans suggestions.

This list is created based on the customer experience of different online platforms. You can choose any of these jeans according to your preferences.

Let’s see them one by one:

Wrangler George Strait Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jeans

Wrangler is one of the most popular brands of jeans around the world. The most ordered jeans nowadays are often from this brand.

Here are more details about these jeans:

wrangler george strait cowboy cut jeans

Check out the best price on these Wrangler George strait cowboy cut jeans. For your convenience, here are some of the features of those jeans.

Material: 100% cotton is used to make these jeans. That’s why it will be very comfortable to wear these jeans both in hot and cold weather.

Fitting: The bootcut design of these jeans is perfect for daily wear. In fact, these jeans fit with cowboy boots very well. The straight legs of these jeans add really cool look.

Pockets: These jeans come with five-pocket arrangements. In the pockets, you will see a ‘W’ stitch to make it stronger and more functional.

Wash: Since the jeans are machine washable, you need not take the hassle to wash them. The color and quality will also be good after washing.

Wrangler Men’s George Strait Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean. That’s because heavyweight cotton denim jeans of these types really serve for years.

Ariat M4 Low Rise Cowboy Cut Jeans

This is one of the best western jeans to wear with cowboy boots. This company not only provides boots for professional cowboys or bull riders but also manufactures fantastic jeans and other clothes.

cowboy ariat jeans

Here are more details about these jeans:

Ariat FR M4 Low Rise Workhorse Boot Cut Pants. Here is what you need to know about these jeans.

Material: These jeans are 100% cotton. As a result, it can perform better in heavy work. These jeans are also flame resistant.

Fit: The designs of these jeans are low-rise types. And most importantly, the fittings of these jeans are very relaxing for the thighs, hips, and waist. These are perfect slim-fit jeans with cowboy boots cut.

Pockets: Pockets of these jeans are a bit deeper than normal jeans. Mostly fives pockets are there in these jeans. Even after filling the pockets, you can easily move without any hassles.

Wash: These are machine washable jeans. For the best output, the brand recommends hand sanding.

these Ariat FR M4 Low Rise Workhorse Boot Cut Pants. In some styles, these jeans are even stretchable.

Cinch Men’s White Label Relaxed Fit Jean

This jeans brand is owned by Miller Int. INC. Apart from the ups and downs of the trends, this brand has been providing high-quality western jeans.

cowboy jeans cinch

Here are more details about these jeans:

Cinch Men’s white-label relaxed-fit jeans some important features that these jeans are offering are described below:

Material: The 100% cotton fabric ensures the softness and strength of the jeans. It will give a warm feeling because of the use of high thread count fabric.

Fit: These straight legs jeans are great for riding. Relaxed thighs and hips were the preliminary concern of the design of these jeans.

Durability: The double-stitched jeans with reinforced foam, make these jeans long-lasting. It can perform for years even after hyperactive use.

Stretch: To provide relaxed fitting, the jeans can be stretched a little. You can even choose between the original or mid-rise sizes according to your preferences.

These machine-washable jeans come with a slider zipper. These jeans are pre-shrunk and have five pockets normally.

Levi’s Men’s Western Fit Cowboy Jeans

levi's western fit cowboy jeans

Here are more details about these jeans:

This brand started its journey in India but now they are serving worldwide. Since 1853 they are producing high-quality jeans for cowboy boots. Still, this brand is equally popular just like before.

But before buying, check the following features of these Levi’s Men’s Western Fit Cowboy Jeans:

Fabric: This is made of 100% cotton. The absence of a topstitch is capable of providing rugged durability. However, the jeans material is perfect for heavy-duty work as no wear and tear can easily take place.

Fit: You will have three available options of fitting for these jeans. Regular, western, and big and tall fittings are available. You can choose as per your requirements.

Pockets: The ergonomic design of the pockets provides flexibility to carry more things in pockets. Again, for riding and for saddle comfort, these jeans pocket is really good.

Wash: These jeans are machine washable. The color and the fabric quality should remain unchanged even after multiple washes.

Levi’s Men’s Western Fit Cowboy Jeans. You know these imported jeans come with a zipper closer. Three belt loop is given to provide extra support for long-lasting.

Lee Men’s Modern Series Relaxed-fit Bootcut Jeans

This brand has a reputation of over 100 years of service. They are popular because of their unique and quality design that enhances your comfort.

lee jeans cowboy

Here are more details about these jeans:

Let’s check out these Lee Men’s Modern Series Relaxed-fit Bootcut Jeans. Some of the details of these jeans are described below:

Fabric: These jeans are made of 98% cotton and 2% Spandex. As a result, the lifespan of these jeans will be longer. Besides, the fabric will also provide softness and comfort.

Style: The five pockets arrangements and relaxed fit design are perfect for occasions or heavy work. With 18.5 inches of leg openings, it looks really cool.

Stretch: The little amount of Spandex used in these jeans adds stretchability to these jeans. So, while riding, comfort will be ensured.

Fitting: With relaxed-fitting, these jeans are perfect for regular wear. It is not that fit or loose, rather fittings are maintained properly.

Lee Men’s Modern Series Relaxed-fit Bootcut come with a zipper fly with button closure.

Lucky Brand Men’s 367 Vintage Bootcut Jean

The Lucky Brand is popular all over the USA and a leading American brand. They are unique because they do all the detailed designs just by hand. Only the washing is done automatically.

Jeans For Cowboy Boots

Here are more details about these jeans:

Lucky Brand Men’s Vintage Bootcut jeans. And here below, you will find some features that are available in those jeans:

Material: These jeans are made of 98% cotton. The other 2% is spandex. It is machine washable and ensures comfort and durability.

Fit: Straight-fitting legs and easy mid-rise size makes these jeans more accurate in terms of comfort. This enables you to ride or do heavy work easily.

Pockets: These jeans are of five pockets classic designs. Back pockets are a bit lower so that while riding, you can access them without any hassle.

Durability: When it comes to the lifetime of these jeans, I can say it is satisfactory. There are a lot of people using a pair of these jeans for more than two years continuously.

Lucky Brand Men’s 367 Vintage Bootcut jeans have a zip fly along with button closer arrangements.

Other jeans for cowboy boots

  • Rock & Roll Denim Men’s Straight Jeans- These double-barrel jeans are really good for regular uses. 100% cotton fabric and machine washing capabilities make these jeans really cool to wear and maintain. Check the price of these jeans is affordable for most people.
  • ARIAT Men’s M5 Slim Stackable Straight Leg Jean- These jeans are also made of 100%. The imported jeans are machine washable, so it’s easy to wash and handle. These straight legs jeans come with five pockets design and a zipper closure. Though the price may be a bit higher than the average ones, but worth it.
  • Wrangler Riggs Workwear Men’s Workhorse Jeans- These reinforced jeans are made to serve for a very long time. Not only that, but the jeans also come with five pockets dedicated to different services and holding things. 100% cotton and machine washability of these jeans are great for both comfort and easy maintenance.

Things to consider before buying jeans for cowboy boots

How can you choose the right jeans for cowboy boots if you don’t know what to check before buying, right? Well, we have a proper guideline for you!

All the products available in the market are offering something unique from others. But to select the best match for you, you need to focus on some points first.

cowboy boots with jeans

Let’s see what to check before buying jeans for cowboy boots:

#1. Fabric:

Cotton is the best choice for jeans. Denim jeans match really well with cowboy boots. Since you will need to work at the farm and ride horses, lightweight fabric is a must. In that case, these fabrics will ensure durability and comfort.

In some jeans, Spandex is used to increase the stretching of the jeans. Using spandex in a small amount will ensure easy movement while wearing the jeans. Because while riding or doing work on the farm, the fabric will stretch according to your requirements within a certain limit.

#2. Fit:

To wear cowboy boots, the fittings of your jeans should be perfect. Your thigh should be relaxed after wearing jeans. Hence, it should be long enough to cover the boots.

The ideal length for jeans to wear with cowboy boots is simple to remember. It should be about quarter inches above the heel of your boots.

Someone prefers mid-rise jeans whereas others prefer low-rise. That completely depends on what type of boots you are wearing with the jeans.

#3. Color:

Blue and black is the most popular color for jeans that go with cowboy boots. Nowadays, indigo, bleach, and stone wash are famous because of their uncommon appearances.

The rule of thumb is that you will have to maintain a color contrast between the jeans and your boot. Then, it will be a more attractive combination.

#4. Stretch:

The cotton of the jeans should be able to stretch a bit. Because when you’ll ride, the jeans legs will go up a little. At that moment, you’ll feel uncomfortable in your thigh and hip area.

If the jeans can stretch a bit, then it will compensate for the tension in the fabric. Thus it provides a more comfortable experience while working. Also, it increases the chances of lasting for a long time.

#5. Manufacturing Country:

Though most popular brands are based in the USA, they also manufacture jeans in other countries too. Even some top brands from the USA get their product ready from Bangladesh, Mexico, etc. Then sell those jeans under their branding.

So, depending on the manufacturing countries, you can choose your jeans accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Final verdict

Cowboy boots with jeans can be a great combination. It represents the old wild American fashion. This fashion is popular for decades after decades.

Here, I’ve tried to provide you with the most necessary information about the best cowboy boots for men. But whether it is the best or not completely depends on your budget and purposes.

In most cases, cowboys prefer higher durability and a comfortable combination first. That’s why cotton with a bit of Spandex can be a good fabric option.

So, whatever brand you choose to wear with cowboy boots, check the material, fittings and stretch first. Also, check whether the jeans are capable of handling multiple washes.

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