3 Best Way to Fade Jeans – Make Jeans Fade Faster [Step by Step]

Jeans remain the most popular and classic pants in many parts of the world for their versatility, durability, and appealing look. They have been widely accepted since time immemorial making them fashionable and stylish for all people irrespective of their age or gender. Dark jeans are loved for their formal look while casual wearers identify with the fade jeans.

Today, jeans manufacturers are making fortunes from the sale of these durable pants as the demand continues growing steadily. The love for faded jeans has remained a fashion trend for long as many people prefer wearing jeans for the casual outlook. Celebrities, politicians and even the least famous people wear fading jeans for their suitability when attending numerous functions. The increased demand for these cloths has made faded jeans expensive to buy from denim stores.

Do you know that you can fade jeans from your wardrobe and bring it to life? If you have grown tired of wearing old jeans in your closet, now is the time to breathe new life into them by fading. The best way to fade jeans will depend on the degree of lightness you want your jeans to look like. This article outlines the DIY best methods to use. Read on to find out.

Fade Jeans With Salt (3 Simple Steps)

Did you know that you can easily lighten denim jeans with use of household salt? Salt is one of the cheapest and most common commodities found in our homes. Salt usage is one of the natural methods of making your jeans lighter without bleach. To make a casual faded denim at home using salt, use the procedure outlined below.

Best Way to Fade Jeans

Step one: Make a salt solution

Take a bucket and fill it halfway with either warm or cold water. Take a packet of salt and fill two cups and mix with the water in the bucket to make a solution

Step two: Completely immerse your pair of jeans in the salt solution

Ensure your pair of jeans is completely covered by the salt solution to bring out evenly faded jeans. Stir steadily your salt solution as you wait for color change to occur. Give your jeans some time to fade as you observe the color change.

Step three: Remove your jeans, rinse and dry

If satisfied with the result, remove your pair of trouser from the salt solution and clean with cold water. Rinse the lightly faded jeans and squeeze any excess water. Take your jeans to the hanging line outside and let it dry. You can now wear your classic faded jeans.

Fade Jeans With Lemon Juice (5 Easy steps)

How to Fade Jeans With Lemon Juice

You can also lighten jeans by natural ways through the use of lemon juice. Lemon juice is made up of nitric acid which facilitates the fading process without damaging the fabric. You can acquire lemon juice easily because it’s affordable. For you to fade jeans quickly through this method, follow the steps outlined below;

Step one

Soak the denim you need to fade in a bucket filled halfway with water for about a minute. Then, take out your wet jeans and squeeze the excess water.

Step two

Take a bucket and pour concentrated lemon juice to about three-level. Take your wet jeans and immerse it completely in the bucket containing the concentrated solution.

Step three

Observe as the concentrated lemon juice fades your jeans drastically. You should monitor the progress of the fading process for about an hour or two.

Step four

Remove your jeans from the bucket containing concentrated lemon juice. By now the concentrated lemon juice will have made your jeans lighter without bleach. Wash your faded jeans thoroughly with cold running water and rinse it.

Step five

Place your jeans in the drying line for it to dry under direct sunlight. You will now have your faded jeans ready for wear.

Fading jeans by Bleaching

Although buying faded jeans is costly, you can still wear that classic faded jeans by upgrading your jeans wardrobe through tried and tested fading techniques. Fading jeans at home is easy when you know the right procedures to follow using bleach.

Bleaching involves the use of a bleaching agent and mixing it with water to make a solution. If you are a newbie in bleaching, here are some precautionary measures you need to know and take action.

Bleach is reactive and can damage your skin and clothes.

You should put on your gloves and any other cloth or apron you wouldn’t mind destroying even if the bleach spilled on your clothes. Also, be cautious to avoid the bleach burning your skin or eyes. Wearing goggles may also be helpful.

Bleach can destroy your fabrics.

Bleach is made of chemicals that can weaken your fabrics. Be cautious before you start the bleaching process by selecting one of your least preferred denims for experimentation.

Decide how you want your faded jeans to be like.

Lighten jeans with bleach (5 quick steps)

Step one: Prepare your working area

Gather materials you will use to protect your working area from the effects of the bleaching solution. You can spread old clothes or newspapers.

Step two: Get the materials required

Take a bucket and fill the water in it up to the two-thirds mark. Next, grab your bleach and pour about one and a half cups of bleach into the water to make a bleach solution. It is advisable to start with less amount of bleach to water ratio and monitor how your jeans fades.

Step three: Immerse your jeans into the bleach solution

Depending now on how you want your jeans faded, soak your jeans in the solution. If you only want some parts of the jeans faded, use the sponge. If your goal is to bleach the entire pair of trousers, you can use the bathtub to ensure all parts evenly get bleached. Monitor how your jeans fade within a span of 10- 20 min.

Step four: Remove your jeans and rinse them

You will notice how bleach solution fades jeans fast and that’s why close monitoring after every five minutes is prudent. After you get satisfied with the extent of the fade, take out your faded jeans and rinse it with cold water.

Take away

In conclusion, the do-it-yourself method is not only cheap but also easy to breathe new life to your abandoned pair of jeans. Understanding the extent of the fade you would like to give your pair of jeans will help you know the best way to fade jeans. Always remember to rinse your fade jeans before drying.

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