What Are Boyfriend Jeans And Why Are They Called Boyfriend Jeans? [Explained]

Women like to have it all. Especially when it comes to fashion. Sometimes that means borrowing some things from their boyfriends’ closets, from boyfriend letterman jackets to boyfriend watches and even their jeans, fondly named the boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend jeans as a trend has caught on quite quickly and will probably stay put. Why are they called boyfriend jeans, though?

What’s the definition? What’s so special about them? Let’s explore the answers to these questions.

Boyfriend Jeans Define

We think most people have a general idea as it relates to the definition of boyfriend jeans. But not everyone will be able to articulate it well. The term is defined as jeans that seem to be intended for men but are made for women.

Boyfriend jeans define

These jeans have a relaxed and comfortable fit due to their loose and baggy appearance. They sit mid-low on the waist and should look just a bit oversized on you, the wearer.

This special style of jeans typically looks and feels like a pair of men’s jeans after they’ve been worn in. They also pair well with a girly top and heels for an effortless yet feminine look.

You can find different variations of boyfriend jeans. They range from slim fit to baggy, but they all are structured to be loose, perhaps like the fit of your guy’s jeans.

So, what are boyfriend jeans?

Based on our definition you may ask, “are boyfriend jeans and mom jeans the same thing?” Valid question but no.

Like the boyfriend jeans, mom jeans have a relaxed fit, but sit high on the waist. They’re looser around the thighs and go down into more of a tapered leg, to lessen the baggy look.

Furthermore, the hem is often rolled up, finishing just above the ankle. The long back pockets are there to make the butt appear longer and flatter.

Why Are They Called Boyfriend Jeans?

boyfriend jean definition

Just in case we weren’t clear earlier, you won’t find boyfriend jeans in the men’s department of the online or store because they were intended for female wearers.

You also won’t have much luck if you look in your boyfriend’s closet. But there was a time when women would borrow jeans from their boyfriends’ closets.

This practice ushered in a new era where manufacturers designed jeans for women which were inspired by the look of men’s jeans.

These manufacturers played a major role in popularizing the meaning of boyfriend jeans. Women no longer had to rely on their men’s wardrobe for this style.

So, you could say that women went from borrowing their boyfriends’ jeans to owning pairs of boyfriend jeans.

What Body Type Looks Best in Boyfriend Jeans?

boyfriend jeans for womenThere is a style of boyfriend jeans for every shape. Women should make sure they figure out what their shapes are before buying clothes.

You can enter your measurements in the different body shape calculators online if you aren’t certain what your shape is.

Is your shape rectangular, boyish, and athletic? Then all variations of the boyfriend jeans are perfect fits.

You probably have the supermodel shape with extra height, long legs, and a straighter hip area. A slimmer-fitted boyfriend jean will look great on you, especially if you have legs for days.

If your jeans are more baggy than slim fit then they’ll give the illusion that you almost have a more curvaceous figure, especially if you wear a close-fitting top. They’re extra roomy in the butt and the thighs and will of course be comfortable.

Do you have an hourglass shape or pear shape? Then you should opt for slimmer-fit boyfriend jeans.

As a woman with a curvy figure, you should try to find slimmer fits to avoid having too much extra fabric, which can add inches and pounds to your overall appearance.

Our apple or round shape friends shouldn’t miss out of the fun either. Ladies with this shape are better off wearing girlfriend jeans – a version of boyfriend jeans that cut a little slimmer in the leg.

They’ll still give you a loose, comfortable fit without concealing your leg line. Boyfriend jeans look fantastic on plus-size figures too.

If you’re a plus-size woman then choose more relaxed fits of boyfriend jeans made from soft, sturdy denim and cut to loosely hug your figure.

You can also look for styles with a higher rise in the back to provide better coverage and help lift the look of your rear.

As for our petite divas – go for slim and tapered boyfriend jeans so that you don’t look significantly smaller than the jeans.

Also, be mindful of the cropped boyfriend jeans because these probably weren’t made for your size. So, they may not fit as well.

Benefits of Choosing Boyfriend Jeans

Firstly, boyfriend jeans are made to have that worn-in look – as if you simply borrowed your man’s jeans. If the jeans are of high quality, then you don’t have to worry about this characteristic disappearing anytime soon.

Secondly, they’re a lot more comfortable to wear than traditional jeans. They become softer and more comfortable the longer you wear them, even if they aren’t stretch jeans.

Lastly, boyfriend jeans make mobility a breeze! This is due to the style being more relaxed in the leg and thighs than traditional jeans.

These are your go-to for days when you need to move around a lot.

How To Find The Perfect Boyfriend Jeans [Guide]

ripped boyfriend jeans for women1#. How it fits

Even though boyfriend jeans are intended to be relaxed, you should aim for jeans that fit your figure correctly. Boyfriend jeans always fit perfectly at your waist and hips.

2#. The Wash

Choose a medium to dark wash as opposed to lighter washes if you want the illusion of slimmer legs.

3#. Fitted and structured tops

Identify some structured blouses in your wardrobe or at a store. We recommend pairing your boyfriend jeans with more fitted tops to create a balanced and chic look.

4#. The Length

Boyfriend jeans should hit about three inches above your ankles after they’ve been rolled for a slimming effect.

If rolled too high, then they will cut off your legs in an unflattering manner. They will also look like they are too short for you if they are rolled lower.

5#. Consult Size Charts

Ask or look to see if the brand or retailer offers its own size chart. Some might use a sizing system in inches while others favor numbers.

Also, be mindful of European sizes as they differ from American.

Final Verdict

We can all agree that boyfriend jeans are a fashion essential. They are slouchy and relaxed but are quite chic as well.

We’re thankful that everyday women were able to once again inspire designers to create such a stylish yet comfortable item.


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