How Long Do Jeans Last? [7 Secrets to Make Jeans Last Longer]

How well do you treat your jeans? Your answer will determine how long your jeans will last. Of course, we have a lot of things to consider with looking at the life span of our jeans.

My jeans normally last between 5-12 years and that is with me taking a million steps to keep the jeans from getting ill. I wash less and use special detergent to prevent the dye or thread from depleting.

I believe the brand also has a bit to do with the lifespan of any jeans. It’s certainly true that some brands are more enduring than others.

Most conventional jeans will give you over 4 or 5 years, whilst the others built with more durable material will normally give you over 10 years.

You know they will not be brand new like the jeans you got from the store, but after some years they may still be wearable. In fact, after some time people decide to use jeans to make shorts or ripped style jeans.

The more creative you are the longer your jeans will last.

How Long Do Jeans Typically Last?

It is widely accepted that jeans normally last anywhere from 5-10 years. However, that will be based on a number of things.

how long do jeans last

Of course, if the jeans have more durable denim, they may be longer-lasting than some of the cheaper denim. You will also have to look at the number of times you wash and dry. Especially if you are using an electronic washer and dryer.

You will also have to consider if you use mostly hot or cold water for washing. To wash and wear your jeans improperly is a very normalized practice and we don’t know that we can make small changes.

These small changes like using a milder detergent and hand washing your jeans are simple but often frowned upon.

I know it’s hard to get used to, but this is what keeps the jeans from fading. Think of your jeans like your digestive system. Would you wash your stomach every day with bleach or other detergents?

The Lifespan Of Jeans

In any case, whether luxury jeans are not. It is expected that a pair of jeans should last over 4 years. But I am currently wearing jeans I bought 8 years ago and I have had longer-lasting ones.

The lifespan of the jeans will be dependent on the lifestyle of the owner. If you are older and just bought a new pair of jeans perhaps you are not thinking about how long it will last. Because you don’t feel you may get much larger or smaller.

Of course, older people’s body type does not change much, whilst younger persons can gain or lose weight and even grow taller.

But most adults under 60 years will be thinking of this when purchasing the size jeans. However, whatever age, everyone wants the pair of jeans they love to last over a decade.

If you wash your jeans every day the chances are you might make it to two years. If you wear the jeans less often but wash after every wear you may go up to 4 years.

While if you are looking to get the jeans anywhere between five to ten years you have to make changes from the onset.

How to Make Jeans Last Longer?

Tips to make your jeans last longer:

We all have that one pair of jeans that are not sold by the company anymore. Now we want to cherish it, but how do we do this? We have to take some things into considerations and live by some basic, but challenging guidelines.

The most important thing is that you don’t have to pay a cent to make your jeans last longer. In fact, it may even cost you less, all you need is time.

  1. You will need to buy jeans with more durable material. They are sometimes even less expensive than the jeans you choose to buy. Although brands are good you have to look at the materials and costs as well.
  2. Repeat wear your jeans before washing. It’s up to you to decide how long you can go wear without washing. I normally go around three to four times depending on how dirty the jeans get. Some persons go all the way up to 8 wears before washing.
  3. Wash your jeans with cold water. This will prevent the dye from fading and give you a longer-lasting color.
  4. When you are washing your jeans use mild detergents. Do not ever use bleach. This will keep the color, while still having a great smell.
  5. Instead of using a electrical dryer, air dry if possible. This will prevent the jeans from stretching, shrinking, or losing their true shade. While still drying.
  6. Spot clean in your jeans stains instead of washing. If you decide to go over three days without washing you at some point you may have to do this. This will freshen up the jeans without washing.
  7. Another great, but rarely done option is to freeze your jeans. This will help to maintain the look and durability of the jeans. After freezing, you steam, and you get a new pair of jeans.

Final Verdict

How long do your jeans last? If it’s way less than 5 years you may not be observing some of the long-lasting tips.

If you don’t feel comfortable with all the tips just try a few and then as you get more comfortable you can start doing the others.

But if your aim is to have your jeans lasting over a decade you have to choose some of these options now!

Select the option that’s suits you best based on your socio-economic situation.

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