How Often Should You Wash Jeans? – Denim Care Tips

You may not be aware, but most persons prefer to wear their jeans more than once before washing. Of course, this is due to the high tendency for jeans to fade after a few washes.

Not everyone can afford the most expensive jean. But even those are still easy to lose their color depending on how long you wear them.

Usually, if I have a pair of jeans that I really love, I would typically wear it three or four times before washing it. Of course, it’s always a task when you have to keep it from getting messy all day, but trust me. The jeans last twice as long as most of may other jeans that I got after it.

I mean, it may sound gross, but washing your jeans less not only benefits the life of the jeans, but also helps keep the planet cleaner.

how often should you wash your jeans

If you are wondering how some people’s jeans last longer this is because they are washed less. But washing less comes with many responsibilities. You have to ensure the jeans don’t get too dirty.

Additionally, you have to ensure the jeans is still smelling fresh enough to be worn in public.

How many times can you wear jeans?

I believe it is acceptable to wear your jeans about 3-5 times before washing. Well, if you can keep it clean enough, you could probably stretch it to 6-8 wear before washing.

Honestly, it’s up to you to decide how clean you can keep your jeans after each wear. If it’s clean enough, you can wear it again and again. After wearing it twice, I sanitize the jeans and wipe the foot and pocket area.

Some persons sanitize and wipe the area as a practice and choose never to wash the jeans. But that will be too much bacteria to deal with.

How often should you wash your jeans?

If you want your jeans to last longer, you will have to wash them as little as possible. But obviously, how often you wash your jeans will be depending on many variables.

Do you work in construction or live in a very humid climate? Then obviously, it’s going to be harder for you to wash your jeans less than most people.

In a sense, you have to figure out how to keep your jeans from getting in awful accidents with particular food, mud, etc. Anything that will get the jeans too dirty will force you to wash them more often.

The right way to wash your jeans – 6 Simple Steps

We all wash our jeans in different ways based on a variety of things. Sometimes we might not have access to a suitable wash area or we live in a very cold climate. So we decide to use our washer instead of handwashing.

how often should you wash jeans

But one of the best ways to protect your jeans from fading is to hand wash your jeans. For whichever situation you are in, you will be provided with the proper jeans washing steps.

  1. Fill sink or washer with cold water. Try to use cold water as hot water will help to remove the dye from the jeans.
  2. Turn your jeans inside out before placing them in the water. This is to help protect the color of the pants from fading out.
  3. Place your detergent in the water. You want to choose an environmentally friendly and mild detergent that will not change the color of your jeans. You never want to include strong detergents like bleach.
  4. Ensure the jeans are covered in the water. If using a washer, place washer on delicate and do not wash jeans with lighter clothing or other fabrics. Your jeans will not get discolored and furry.
  5. Wash gently with hands or monitor washer.
  6. Gently rinse and line dry. It is better to air dry to prevent dryer heat from affecting the dye in the jeans.

How to clean jeans without washing?

Jeans are a fashion item that requires a lot of care, especially when it comes to keeping them looking nice. Here are some tips on how to make sure your jeans always look new.

  • One of the best ways to clean your jeans without washing is to spot clean stains in jeans. This will prevent your jeans from looking dirty after a few wear while maintaining the color of the jeans.
  • You can air out your jeans so the smell will go away. Sometimes the stains are not obvious, but the smell can be awful. We all want to smell nice on the road, don’t we?
  • If you Spray with Lysol or another agent to remove bacteria, then air dry. This could fight against invisible bacteria while freshening up the jeans for the party or work.
  • Sometimes I steam my jeans. The heat will remove bacteria and straighten the jeans. Your jeans will look and feel clean without you washing them.
  • Freeze your jeans! It will take some time as you will have to steam it after. But your jeans will be fresh and looking brand new.

Final Verdict

It’s a big task taking care of your jeans. Do you wash your jeans often? For me, it depends on how clean I can keep it.

If it’s too dirty, I cannot bear to wear them back. So, it will be up to you. If you feel you are comfortable with washing after every wear. Then go ahead.

Are you longing for a pair of jeans that is long-lasting? Then try practicing some ways to keep your jeans clean without washing them too often.

Do what makes you feel good.

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