How to find the best jeans for your body type

How to find the best jeans for your body type
How to find the best jeans for your body type

How to find the best jeans for your body type. Today’s article is all about finding that perfect pair of jeans based on your body type a couple of years ago when I was trying to figure out my style the most difficult thing was Finding jeans that suited my body so I did a lot of research.

how to pick jeans for your body type 

and now that I think I have good enough knowledge on this topic I

I thought I could share it with you guys because I know a lot of you still struggle when it comes to finding a pair that is most flattering for your body. Remember a few months ago I put up a post if you were interested in some paid courses, however.

How to find the best jeans for your body type

so without any further Ado let’s get started. The first step is to find what your body type is and in my capsule wardrobe series part one I’ve shared a step-by-step process on how you can do     

Best Jeans For Women’s Body Types [Discover Your Body Shape]

There are five body types. How to find the best jeans for your body type

number one is a rectangle

number two pear shape is also known as a triangle shape 

number three is an inverted triangle then comes the hourglass and last but not the least is apple shape also known as the round body type I will discuss in detail all the characteristics of each of these body types later in this but before that, you also need to know. How to find the best jeans for your body type

and the type of genes that there are there are so many trust me uh you have skinny slim straight-leg boyfriend boot cut flared white leg mom jeans taper jeans and there are so many more but for this and to make things.

simple uh to make sure that you guys understand everything and it gives you a good starting point we will only discuss these few types: skinny straight-leg boyfriend boot cut flared and white leg. How to find the best jeans for your body type


How to find the best jeans for your body type


How to find the best jeans for your body type


How to find the best jeans for your body type


How to find the best jeans for your body type


How to find the best jeans for your body type

Rectangle Body for Jeans

How to find the best jeans for your body type

Pear Body for Jeans 

How to find the best jeans for your body type

Next, you need to know how genes are characterized based on their eyes so there are three types: low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise. I will leave a screenshot up here on the screen that explains very clearly what the difference is and what it looks like. How to find the best jeans for your body type

Low-rise, Mid – Rise, and High-Rise Jeans

How to find the best jeans for your body type

low-rise is something that sits two inches below the navel, mid-rise sits just below the navel and high-rise sits at or above Naval level before I talk about each body type and you think you can skip this whole one to that one particular.

the body type that is your body type then I recommend that you change that thought process because that’s not the case not every person has one perfect body type for example if you have a rectangle body shape chances are you lean more towards

pear shape if your hips are broader than your chest and you will realize this as soon as you start the process of finding your body type once you take your measurements the results can be very confusing and I have seen that from the comments on my part one. How to find the best jeans for your body type

Jeans Types

How to find the best jeans for your body type

types because let’s say in 2024 you gain a little weight or maybe you lose a little weight from your midriff and your body type changes entirely obviously you can always come back to this  and watch it but it’s always good to have that information to make a sound 

decision next time you go shopping but at the end of the day it’s only a suggestion and you can do whatever you want you 

in this, there will be one section where we will be talking about our glass body type and that is no doubt the most feminine and flattering body type out there but with this, my goal is not to say that one body type is better than the other body type and I don’t want to start that whole fight in the comment

section my only goal is to share this information that I have knowledge that I have with you guys so you can dress better you can dress according to your body type and feel more confident and happy with your fashion choices and trust me it’s all about balancing proportions

that’s my only goal take this information with a pinch of salt let’s dive into our body type number one rectangle individuals with a rectangle body type tend to have similar measurements across their post chest waist and hips

forming two straight lines that lead to a fairly straight body type as you can see from the shape there are no curves again these are just two straight lines there is no well-defined waist number four is usually 

observed that people with this body type have a lower body fat percentage contributing to lean and

cylinder frame and they might have an athletic build now keep in mind a rectangle body shape can lean towards a pear shape in case you gain weight around your hip region or your hips are broader than your chest and your waist or you can lean towards an inverted 

triangle if your shoulders or chest area is broader than your waist and your hips so it’s the other way around number three you can also lean

towards a round shape or apple shape in case you gain weight around your midriff and your chest is a little bit broader I think I don’t even have to explain this but our goal here is uh to add some curves to this very straight body type 

that means we are looking for something like this that will Define our waste cinch in our waist but also add some curves when we go down our legs and to add these curves we need this extra

the volume comes from the extra fabric on your jeans and now I want you to think about what type of jeans have extra fabric when you go down your legs and what jeans have those curves it’s very simple as you can see from this diagram it’s either white 

like jeans or boot-cut jeans so those are the two most flattering jeans for a rectangle body type it’s as simple as that just imagine it in terms of adding curves where do these curves come from volume where that extra volume come from fabric what type of jeans 

have extra fabric boot cut white leg now you might ask if your only options are to go for boot cut and white leg jeans answer is no you have several other options too and those are straight leg slim and skinny let me explain it one by one straight leg it follows the natural lines of your body makes it more flattering for your

athletic build and then last but not least slim and skinny fit they follow the curves of your leg creating an illusion that you have curves when you don’t obviously if you are going for lesser fabric then I highly suggest that you wear something bulky at the 

top to balance your proportions now you can wear boot cut wide leg skinny slim straight all you want but if you’re not wearing it in high rise and mid-rise it will look bad and what I mean by that is if you go for low

rise jeans something like this will de-emphasize your hip curves

 and that is exactly why we don’t want to stick to high rise or mid-rise if you want to further enhance the illusion of your curves then look for these few details

around the hip region look for

some back pockets will add fullness to your bottom look for some faded lines and whiskering around that waist and hip

Region let’s do a quick summary uh you should wear boot-cut wide leg skinny slim straight leg jeans that are all high rise or mid-rise at least but you should avoid baggy or boyfriend jeans because this will further enhance that boxiness and rectangular shape so

you should avoid this you should also avoid low-rise jeans as I mentioned de-emphasize the hip curves last you should avoid something that is too fluid-like bell bottoms

jeans which is very flattering for their uh very obvious rectangle body type and I’ll give you some other examples too uh here you can see both of them wearing low-rise skinny jeans they are not working in their favor at all but again these are 

where Annie Hathaway is wearing low-rise jeans, dividing her body into two halves making her look more rectangular whereas if you look at these other pictures you can see they are wearing boot cut wide leg trousers which is working for

their body type I hope giving these  and putting up some visuals on the screen you will retain this information much better because I don’t expect you to remember every detail about every body type even if I don’t remember it sometimes so that’s fine let’s 

body type which is pear shape I apologize that my drawing is not very good but uh pear shape is characterized by narrow shoulders uh well-defined waist Fuller hips and thighs so you have a rounded bottom but a slim upper body so in short your upper body

is narrower than your hips chances are with this body type you can also lean towards an art glass shape if you have a heavy burst area or you can

also, lean towards a round or apple body type if you usually gain weight around your tummy area you also tend to be a rectangular body type if your upper body and your lower body are of the same measurement but you don’t have a very well

defined waist now imagine you have to buy jeans for this body type The Wider portion is our hip region and we want to balance it out to balance out we want to minimize it or de-emphasize it and how you can do that you can go for 

something straight like this so that it follows the natural curves of the body you can go for either straight-leg jeans that will balance it out leg jeans keep your bottom half very neutral and that’s exactly what we want

we want to draw attention away from The Wider area which is your hip region or you can also go for something like this which is wide leg or boot cut remembering all these details uh becomes very simple when you have that end goal in mind and like I

attention away from this white portion which is the hip area we don’t want attention in this area so we don’t want any other details like whiskering or faded lines nothing of that sort will work you might have heard uh wearing black makes you look

slim uh similar is the case with this one if you go with dark wash denim it will take attention away from The Wider portion of your body and I don’t think I have to explain this

The first point uh just like rectangle body type go for something mid-rise or high-rise that will be more flattering for your body type there’s one point that I’d like to make if you carry weight in the lower portion of your body which

is thighs and lower hips then you go for high rise and if you carry most of your weight in the higher portion of your hips then go for Mid-rise remember it this way lower go for high rise higher go for rice let’s do a 

quick rewind for pear shape you can go for a straight leg you can go for wide leg boot cut jeans waisted or mid-rise stay away from skinny or slim fit jeans it does the exact opposite of what wide-leg and boot-cut jeans do to

your body it draws attention to the white portion which is your hips and thighs and doesn’t go for any details like whiskering faded lines Etc there’s one more point that I forgot not absolutely but if possible you should avoid light washing denim

the best example of this body type is Jennifer Lopez I know she’s very fit she can wear whatever she wants but I want to show you uh the difference it makes if you go from low-rise skinny jeans that are not working for your body type to

something rise-waisted leg boot cut and when you balance your proportions it looks very flattering and very beautiful next body type is an inverted triangle as you can see from this diagram here you have broad shoulders but you have very narrow hips and a narrow waist

so the waist is not well defined, uh your hips are narrow but you have a broad a very  wide upper body with this body type you tend to lean towards a round shape or apple shape if your burst is heavy and you

gain weight around your midriff 

or you can also lean toward a rectangular shape if you have a very strong bone structure around your hips you can also lean towards an hourglass shape if you have a well-defined waist and you also have curves at the same time 

Triangle body type our goal was to

minimize the white portion which was hips hair our goal remains the same we want to minimize the wider portion but this time it’s your shoulders so to make it look narrow you have to add a lot of volume here but at the same time also Define 

your ways this might remind you of the rectangle body type where you had the same goal add a lot of Curves and ultimately add a lot of volume that volume comes from fabric that fabric comes from boot cuts and wide-leg jeans but in this case, there’s an exception in 

rectangular your hips are similar size as your shoulders but in this case, your hips are narrower than your shoulders that’s the reason why you can go for baggy or boyfriend jeans in these two types you have a bigger circumference around your hips, and your thigh region hence you

will balance out this inverted triangle body shape and then one last point it will be very flattering for your body type if you were to go for cropped jeans this body type is the exact opposite of a triangle body shape now we want to draw attention to our 

bottom half therefore we go for a lot of details like whiskering Pockets back pockets front pockets to add that fullness you can also go for faded lines and a light wash denim to draw attention to your bottom half

let’s do a quick revision our goal with the inverted triangle is to take our attention away from broad shoulders for that we need to pay attention to our lower half and for that we can go for boot cut wide leg baggy boyfriend jeans that are cropped crop will 

be more flattering maybe a lot of eye-catching details and a light-washed NM but you should avoid skinny fit slim fit something low rise that will enhance your narrow bottom if you want you can also avoid buying dark wash denim this is not a rule just an advice

best examples of this body type are Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie if you look at this picture of Angelina Jolie she is wearing slim-fit jeans which work against her inverted triangle body shape she is highlighting her broad shoulders so it’s not working in her favor but 

beautiful on this inverted triangle body shape and I also want to make one point clear here if you’re someone who has skinny jeans you absolutely cannot live without skinny jeans then I suggest that you wear them in a way that balances your proportions for example in this picture she is wearing black jeans with

an oversized white shirt that is untucked so in a way she has added volume to those narrow hips which was our ultimate goal anyway so you see if you balance your proportions right you can wear any jeans that you want irrespective of your body type and in this 

case it’s skinny jeans let’s talk about the hourglass body type this is the most balanced body type that is out there because you have the same measurements around your shoulders and your hips with a well-defined waistline and I think this is the easiest one to style 

because anything and everything looks good on an hourglass body type you don’t have to worry about curves you don’t have to worry about balancing the proportions because they are already balanced but you should be very careful with this one because with wrong styling you

can destroy your hourglass figure so let’s talk about a few basic points that you need to keep in mind to buying jeans for your glass first things first keep everything simple don’t overthink it you already have the curves you have well

defined waist just keep the cuts very simple and very clean number two go for mid-rise or high-rise jeans because low-rise will make your hips look wide and ultimately your waist will not be that well defined with low-rise jeans and also it will make

you look short talking about the type of jeans you can go for it’s pretty much everything that is out there you can go for slim straight skinny boot cut white mom boyfriend tapered just go for anything that you want  

her wearing anything like trousers leg boots cut straight leg skinny uh everything looks good on her I’ve never seen this woman dress not according to her body type and she’s always in the most flattering pieces I mean kudos to her stylist uh he or she

whoever they know what her body type is I mean everything she wears looks good on her our last body type is Apple or round shape which is characterized by around the midsection you usually gain weight in your upper body around your midriff chances are that you have a 

full bust with slim arms and legs and there is a lack of definition around your waistline with this body type you can learn more

towards pear shape, if your hips are slightly broader than your chest area and you can also lean towards an inverted triangle if your shoulders are broader than your hips you can also lean towards an hourglass if you have a defined waistline, and last you can also 

lean towards a rectangle type if your bust and hips are approximately the same widths now I want you to do this little exercise and find the perfect pair of jeans for an apple or round body shape and try to apply what you have learned so far based on the other

about it and then answer my question like we discussed in Triangle and inverted triangle body type our goal is always to take attention away from the White portion of our body and balance it out with our jeans or whatever styling it is that we are doing so in

this case we are trying to take attention away from this

midsection where you usually gain weight so to do that we can balance this out with wide-leg or boot-cut jeans again it’s the same concept for every body type it’s not rocket science and because 90 of the time with Apple and round body shape legs

and arms are usually slim uh we can balance it out by putting extra fabric again where that extra fabric comes from it comes from the bootleg wide leg or flared jeans

with this style instead of adding that extra weight onto the midsection we have added extra weight at the bottom which balances out the proportions and also gently camouflages the extra weight now my next question she is insisting on wearing skinny jeans should you buy them for her or no answer will be ideally no

skinny jeans are not very flattering for apple shape or round-shaped bodies but if you balance it correctly as I showed you in an example where you keep your shirt untucked and somewhat oversized then yes you can wear skinny jeans but then it limits the versatility of

these jeans you cannot wear them all the time number two should you go for light-washed denim or dark-wash denim because then details will be less visible and it will take attention away from The Wider portion should you go for low-rise or mid-rise

always go for mid-rise when it comes to Apple body shape and never low rise again same reason but with mid-rise, if you go with mid-rise it will help you define your waistline more which is one of our end goals next should 

you go for a lot of details like whiskering faded lines or no answer is no you don’t want to attract attention to your hip area or your midriff region and one last thing that I wanted to discuss for this body type is wide waistband always try

to go for a wide waistband because then it can help you define your waistline more and make sure that your midriff stays in place in short for this body type you can go for baggy jeans boyfriend jeans boot-cut flared wide-leg and you can also go for straight leg jeans to keep

and has embraced her body shape throughout her career second example that comes to my mind is Melissa McCarthy she has been vocal about promoting body acceptance and self-confidence the list goes on and on it’s endless but what I’m trying to say is no matter 

what your body shape is no matter what your body type is you can achieve so many amazing things take this   with a pinch of salt and let it serve as a general guideline on how you can balance your proportions and style according to your body type because

my goal was only to make you feel confident and happy in what you’re wearing but who cares if you have an apple body and you want to wear skinny jeans and tuck in that shirt if you want to do that just go do that nobody is stopping

you like nobody is stopping you from achieving your dreams so you do you and with this

which type of jeans is best for a rectangle body shape

after such positive feedback  on how to dress a rectangle body shape,

I have decided to make a part two in which I talk about the best pops bottoms dresses and jackets for this beautiful body shape so if you’re interested in finding out what my top picks are and what is going to suit you the best

How to find the best jeans for your body type

so that you can feel confident sexy and ready to take on whatever life throws your way make sure to keep where I help you transform your wardrobe your image and your lifestyle if you guys haven’t already booked your image 

How to find the best jeans for your body type

which is a part of my body type series I’m going to help you guys choose the best clothing items for a rectangle body shape before we dive into the I want to make sure that you know that you have this body type so let’s 

do a body type check women with this body shape have average shoulders and average hips that are going to be equal in length they have a small to large bust little to no waist definition and have an overall straight silhouette so first naturally we’re going to talk

How to find the best jeans for your body type

about top so the goal with this body type is making sure that you keep your silhouette balanced so basically if you add volume to the upper half you just want to make sure that you also add it to the bottom half a great selection of necklines include 

off-the-shoulder v-neck and sweetheart and all three of these are feminine and fun and flirty looks that you can get away with some major don’ts with the tops are going to be any type of neckline that is going to make

How to find the best jeans for your body type

you look very square and even more rectangular than you already are so these necklines include the Sabrina square and the boat neck now with sleeves you want to go for a looser sleeve and something that is not going to be super fitted you want to avoid

a very very fitted sleeve because it’s just going to make you look a little bit more rectangular and it’s not going to do much for your beautiful figure my top picks for the rectangle body

shape for tops are going to be a halter top a wrap top and a bow top the goal here is just to balance

out your silhouette so if you’re going to add a lot of volume to the bottom half and wear pants that are very voluminous and you want to make sure you are mirroring that with the type of tops that you’re wearing starting with jeans,

you want to avoid one style and one style only and that is going to be the bell

bottom or the super super flared jeans and this is just not a great look because it doesn’t do much for your

Shape my top picks for the cut is going to be a cigarette cut a straight cut a flared cut or a skinny cut ultra 

skinny pants especially if it’s something you’re going to wear to the office and not the best fit for a

Rectangle body shape instead you want to go for something a little bit more flared and relaxed some great options for pants include a jogger a boot cut or a cargo pant and these are all great versatile styles that you can wear in the office that you can wear 

out of the office so I think these are all great options when considering pants now moving on to skirts the one thing I do not recommend is a boxy skirt instead I would opt for a skirt that has a little bit more shape to it and something that is going to highlight and emphasize 

the curves that you do have some awesome styles including an a-line skirt a pencil skirt

and a full skirt or something pleated now for shorts one style I would stay away from is

low-rise straight shorts instead you want to do something a little bit looser and something that

is mid-rise if not high-res some awesome styles to try include a pattern short a flared short and a turnip short all three of these are going to be super flattering and going to show off your figure and will not make you look too rectangular 

or boxy so moving on to dresses I think the main goal when choosing a dress is to get something that is not going to hide your shape so this being said you want to avoid any boxy or straight styles that are going to go straight up and down

and just glide past your waist instead, you want to opt for more fitted dresses and something that cinches at the waist, a little bit to create more of a feminine and natural silhouette some of my favorite cuts for you guys include the

shoulder dress a wrap dress and an x-line dress all of these emphasize your waist and at the same time they add volume to the top half and the bottom half so if you guys want

to try a new dress these are some great styles to try with this body shape I think the main goal is to

find a jacket that is going to emphasize your natural waist and cinch you in just a little bit to give you that little touch of sexiness the one jacket that you want to avoid is going to be the cropped jacket and this is not the 

the best choice for you guys because it’s going to kind of make you look a little bit boxier than you are on the other hand you want to opt for something that is longer and structured that maybe cinches in at the waist and has details around the waist and

hip area some great styles to try to include a belted jacket a single-breasted jacket and a peplum there are a lot of these great options for you guys if you want to try out some new jackets with a rectangle body shape that your guys’

favorite style one of my favorite styles for you guys is the wrap dress let me know what  

on fashion image beauty and um you know topics related to image consulting because I feel like

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