How to Make Jeans Waist Bigger – [DIY – 4 Methods]

You might not know, but there are several ways you can get your jeans waist to stretch. Too often have we gain a little weight then we have to bear the scars of a waist that is a bit tighter than usual.

Most of us have purchased several jeans within our lifetime and this means we might get have experience having one or two extremely tight pairs.

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Although they do look nice and stylish most times. They can be very annoying to wear, but they also cause several health complications. People complain about them all the time, being scarred, chaffed, and in extreme pain for months.

We can all admit that tight jeans sometimes look the best on you. But is it worth the health risks?

Some of our jeans are a little tight but could be fixed with only a few simple steps. That’s right you don’t always have to go to the tailor.

What To Wear With Big Thighs And Hips

Some of us have bigger thighs and hips, so that usually jeans may be too tight for us. We have to find ways to mitigate the tight waist jeans problem at the early stages.

You have to go shopping with certain requirements in mind. What you need in the jeans should start coming to mind.

Now you must ensure you’re getting jeans with wider legs and definitely a bigger waist.

Not all jeans sizes will be equivalent to each other so you will ensure you try these jeans as soon as you can even if you think you were sizing up.

Furthermore, you should not get skinny jeans, try getting relaxed or stretched fit jeans. These fit similar to skinny jeans but are better for your body type.

Remember you have to focus on your body type, not just look and fit. Always size up when you can. It’s better your jeans are a little loose than too tight

Can Jeans Be Tailored at the Waist?

Any pair of jeans can be altered at its waist by a tailor, however, it might be very challenging depending on the design.

Most jeans are not made with a waist that can be taken in are out easily that will not cause the jeans to be partly deformed.

Seven out of every ten persons have been battling with the wrong fitting jeans because our bodies don’t always stay the same size. While most times the jeans remain smaller or larger.

If you have a great tailor you can definitely try to make alterations, but you will find that in most cases the jeans is not the same.

The altered jeans are normally a misfit or just not as perfect at the time of perfect, so you have to be careful when you are making these changes.

DIY: How to make jeans bigger in the waist

Method 1: Make your jeans waist bigger with an elastic band

  1. Get elastic band
  2. Push through the button opening.
  3. Pull through until it is able to stretch out each side of the opening.
  4. Extend the elastic band and make a knot through the hole leaving one side exposed.
  5. Use the remaining section of the elastic band to place over the button.

Method 2: Make Pants Waistband Bigger Without Sewing [Steaming Method]

Make Pants Waistband Bigger

  1. Get a handheld streamer
  2. Damp your pants with the warm water from the steamer
  3. Then spread the jeans over a hanger
  4. Sart stretching the jeans over the waist area
  5. Stretch for a while and leave overnight.

Method 3: Make jeans waist bigger with waistband extender

do jeans stretch around the waist

  1. Prepare jeans
  2. Measure and do the right size waistband extender you need.
  3. Ensure that the extender and the jeans are ideal together based on where the buttons are etc.
  4. Hook the waistband extender to your button opening. Attached is the extender properly.
  5. Then try on to see if it is your desired size.

Method 4: Make Your Jeans Bigger by Inserting Elastic

  1. Prepare the jeans and tools.
  2. Measure and cut the elastic to desired length
  3. Open waist stitching and try to insert the elastic in
  4. Push the elastic all the way in until you feel you have accomplished your desired waist length.
  5. Sew back up the edge of the jeans using an appropriately coloured thread.

Final Verdict

Sometimes our favourite jeans are a little tight. We often just dispose of them and purchase new ones.

But there are some ways in which you can save your money and the lovely jeans. There are more ways than we can imagine.

Whatever works for you could be in one of the steps. Use these steps to guide you into savings and protection.

Let’s make some alterations and save our perfect pair of jeans.

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