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You might not believe it, but some jeans really do make your butt bigger. Since the 80s and even more recently people have grown to love any clothing that makes their butt bigger. butt look bigger

Since jeans are the most popular apparel you find that more people would love to get a pair of jeans that highlights their butt.

However, a lot of people are not aware that these jeans are available all around the stores. It’s just that you might not know what they look like.

Following a few tips, you can get on your way to starting purchasing a great pair of jeans. One that highlights your butt the right way. butt look bigger

jeans for bigger butt

A pair of jeans that suits your style is will make you feel more comfortable and extremely confident. Therefore you need to find not only quality jeans but a pair of jeans that fits your fashion desires and taste. butt look bigger

Bad Jeans Can Ruin Your Booty

Bad jeans can cause multiple health issues. Besides being very right and uncomfortable as you wear them there are a lot of other issues.

If you don’t wear your size you might have some problems. Your but will not be highlighted as you expected. butt look bigger

But instead, you will find that your butt flattens in the jeans. This is because the jeans are squeezing down on your booty too much.

You may get painful abrasions, but the worst part is that you are feeling super uncomfortable and the jeans are not serving their required purpose.

You may work out to get your booty the right shape and size. Then getting the wrong body highlighter jeans just ruin it all. butt look bigger

Although you don’t want to get very tight jeans, you can still wear good skinny jeans.

How to choose jeans that make your bum look good?

jeans for bigger butt

Shop around and ensure you are purchasing the correct pair of jeans with all the features that you desire.

Ensure the jeans are really going to enhance your butt, try it on, look at the packaging. Some of these jeans are called butt lifting or push-up jeans.

You have to look at the small details like where the pocket of the jeans is located. If the pockets are made below a certain level choose another one.

Purchase jeans with elastane technology like Polyester, Spandex, and Lycra. Butt lifting jeans are better when they can stretch. butt look bigger

Chooses jeans that have a faded look over the ones that are brightly colored. Jeans that look like the color is fading normally highlight your butt more.

Select Right Wash for Your Jeans

Wash your jeans on low or delicate wash this will help to maintain the structure and quality of the jeans. butt look bigger

Although jeans are seen as big and heavy clothing, they must be treated delicately. People often wear their jeans multiple times before washing.

Less wash is good for the jeans, but it can cause the jeans to get extremely dirty and we are forced to wash them even more thoroughly. butt look bigger

What you should do is take care of the jeans during all the wears before washing. Sanitise, wipe up stains, use Tide sticks and Lysol to get the jeans fresh and clean.

That way when you decide to wash your jeans they will not be very hard to wash. You can then put it on a delicate easily handwash it.

Improper wash can destroy butt lifting jeans easily as the materials are delicate whether durable or not.

How to make your bum look bigger in jeans using high heels?

Heels alter your shape making your back tilt and your legs get longer. This intensifies your look by appearing to raise your butt higher.

Skinny jeans high heels

If your butt is super flat this is a great way to give it that highlight you need. It’s inexpensive and gives you that big booty look.

Indeed, some of us are not made for the gym. We might not even have the time to work out all day.

Getting high heels to amplify your look is always one of the easiest options to alleviate your problems. Having longer legs is always a plus in jeans and top that with a butt extension your confidence will be dancing.

Tips for Buying Jeans That Make Your Booty Look Bigger

The following tips will help you find jeans that make your bum look bigger.

  • Stretch: Purchase jeans with stretch technology. When jeans are a bit stretched they produce a better rise for your booty. You will be staying away from the discomfort of tight jeans while getting the style you want.
  • Pockets: Ensure the pockets of the jeans you are purchasing are in the right location. Jeans with a patterned back pocket.
  • Style: It’s better to purchase jeans with a higher waist than a lower rise waist. Lower rise waist jeans do not provide enough contouring around your bum to make it appear bigger.
  • Durability: Traditionally heavier jeans last longer and perform better when you through them a washer or wear them on multiple occasions for long periods.
  • Brands: Don’t focus on getting the most expensive brand jeans. Focus on getting the brand that produces good quality butt lifting jeans. Some brands tend to do well in most areas, while others make one product exceptionally well.

How to make your butt look good in jeans for your Instagram Selfie?

You need to figure out your best angles, start using some Instagram apps and you should start having even more amazing Instagram selfies that show up your butt.

Knowing what angle to take your photos from is one of the best ways to earn yourself Instagram-worthy photos.

Photos can make people very vulnerable, open up people to loads of criticisms and so getting your photo almost perfect is what anyone desires.

Positioning you’re hips and back the right way you can get your bum to appear very big. Practice taking your photos at different angles until you get it right.

You can choose to take your photos from a particular side or just sit down in a particular position.

Using Instagram selfie apps can do wonders for you. They are sometimes free of cost or very inexpensive. In today’s world, it’s always good to be able to build up your online presence for possible networking and this is a good way to upload good images.

If you are into the modeling industry having a nice booty picture doesn’t hurt at all. Having a nice picture will develop any woman’s confidence.

Final verdict. butt look bigger

You may have been searching all for the perfect butt lifting jeans all this time. Now you know what to look for.

It’s obvious that not all of us are made with the perfect body or the gym mindset to configure our bodies with time and hard work. But for little money and less time we can make some changes.

Start making changes in the jeans you purchase and how you wear them now and you will see your butt appearing big as you always want them to be.

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