How to Measure Your Waist for Jeans [With Jeans Size Converter]

Finding the right pair of jeans requires a little more calculation than we think. You could say there’s a science to it because you have to consider body type, fit, and cut.

What about the waist? How often does the topic of waist come up? Perhaps during a medical check-up. Or maybe when buying dress pants or dresses. What about when buying jeans?

Measuring your waist is the key to finding jeans that fit you perfectly. You’ll get rid of the guessing game when shopping by doing this.

So now you have to figure out how to measure your waist for jeans. No worries. We’ve got you covered.

Read to find out how.

how to measure waist for jeans

The Right Way to Measure Your Waist for Jeans

Firstly, you’ll need a soft measuring tape. If you only have the measuring tape that is used by handymen, then that’s fine too.

It just means that you’ll have to get a string that is long enough to be wrapped around your waist after which you’ll place it on the measuring tape to get the measurement.

So where exactly do you measure? Some people are confused as to where the waist is but let’s put that to rest.

You should measure the smallest section of your torso where there is a natural crease at the sides.

For most of us, this is about one inch above the navel. You want to be as accurate as possible so avoid sucking your waist in.

Don’t pull the measuring tape too tightly around your waist either. You’ll want to take loose and relaxed measurements for the most comfortable jeans fit.

Remember, you’re trying to find jeans that are right for you.

Jeans Size Converter – Jeans Size Calculator for Men & Women

Jeans Size Converter

Measure Your Waist Based on the Rise

Things aren’t exactly cut and dried when it comes to buying low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise jeans.

To get the jean rise measurement you’ll need to measure the distance from your crotch point to the band of your waist.

What exactly is the crotch point? This refers to the section of the jeans where the inseams of both legs merge just below the zipper.

You’ll have to be in your undergarments to measure your rise. Start by placing the measuring tape at your imaginary crotch point. Measure upwards in a straight line and stop at the waist. There you go!

For low-rise jeans, your rise will be seven to eight inches above the crotch point. If you’re shopping for mid-rise jeans, take note of where the tape measure ends after nine to 10 inches.

Go for 11 to 12 inches above the crotch point if you’d like high-rise jeans.

Measure Your Inseam

When it comes to the measurement of jeans, the inseam is just as important as the waist. For the most accurate reading, put on any pair of shoes that you plan to wear with your jeans while taking the measurements.

Be sure to include orthotic inserts in your shoes if you usually wear them. To ensure precision, stand and keep a straight posture as much as possible.

It would be helpful if a friend or family member takes your inseam measurement while you stand to guarantee accuracy.

He or she should use a measuring tape to record the length from crotch to ankle. They need to place it at your crotch point then stretch it to the top of your ankle or just above your shoe.

This measurement represents your inseam. Another easy way to figure out your inseam is to measure your favorite pair of pants.

You know, the pair that fits you like a glove or gives you the most compliments? Place them on your bed or another flat surface.

Now place the measuring tape at the crotch point, stretch it across the inner leg seam and extend it to the hem.

Kindly note that inseams vary from brand to brand. You’ll observe that shorter styles are far above your ankle, while you’ll experience the total opposite with longer styles.

Before you buy your jeans read the label carefully and make sure they match your inseam size.

Jeans Waist Measurement for Women

You can use the table below as a general guide. It gives you an idea as to how sizes are determined by waist measurement.

Waist Measurement


US Standard Size

Jeans Size




24.5- 25.5



25.5 - 27.5



27.5 - 28.5



28.5 - 29.5



29.5 - 30.5



30.5 - 31.5



30.5 - 31.5



32.5 - 33.5



33.5 - 34.5



34.5 - 36.5



36.5 - 38.5



38.5 - 40.5



40.5 - 42.5



42.5 - 44.5



Jeans Waist Measurement for Men

Below you’ll find a table that could be considered to be a general size guide for men.

Waist Measurement (Inches)

Jeans Size



30.5 - 32.5


















Although the method of measurement is the same for men and women the conversion to sizes is different. You see, men’s jeans are cut differently from women’s jeans size.

Women’s jeans have a wider hip circumference when compared to waist circumference. Men’s jeans on the other hand feature a smaller waist to hip circumference ratio.

How Do You Find Jeans that Fit Without Trying Them On?

If you don’t feel like trying on jeans while you’re in a store you don’t have to. Instead, you could:

  1. Borrow the store’s measuring tape.
  2. Make note of your rise. If you’re looking for high-rise jeans or low-rise jeans then you’ll remember your high waist measurement as well as the low waist measurement.
  3. Look for a pair that you’d like to purchase.
  4. Zip and button the jeans and lay them on a flat surface.
  5. Measure the front of the waistband.
  6. Multiply that number by two to get the exact waist measurement.
  7. Does that number match your waist measurement? Then we have a winner!

Final Verdict

That wasn’t so difficult, right? There’s no stopping you now that you know how to measure your waist and inseam for the perfect jeans.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to find jeans that will make you think that the designers only thought of you.

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  1. Didn’t help any, I have levi’s high rise size W23XL33, there took big in the waist and I have girls size 8 and 10 that are too short that fit perfectly for cutoffs.
    Theirs more plus sizes than regular and no minus size!
    I was hoping maybe another brand had short and small sizes sucks the big and tall have no problem finding clothes that fit!

  2. Jeans should be measured from the inside around the waist line.
    Not laying down on flat surface flat across because most of them dip
    down in the center which makes them actually a different size because of
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