How To Shrink A Jean Jacket? – 3 Easy Methods You Should Try

Jean jacket is and always will be top fashion wear. It provides another dimension to your look. But to look perfect jean jacket should fit perfectly. So, sometimes it may need to shrink a jean jacket.

So, here in this article, you’re going to learn, how to shrink a jean jacket. There are several methods to perform the work. You can use a washing machine to shrink your jean jacket. Otherwise, you can just go with a boiled water method.

I’ll cover each of these methods in detail. So, keep reading to find out, which method is perfect for you. Let’s get to the point.

How to shrink a jean jacket?

To shrink a jean jacket you can follow several methods. The main concept remains the same for all of them. What varies is the process only.

All you need to make sure is, your jean jacket is kept in hot water for enough time. Then, you have to dry it to shrink the jacket. You can perform all of these with a washing machine. Or you can just manually do it on your own.

But before going into action, first, you need to check some properties of your jean jacket. Let’s discuss them first.

What to check before shrinking the jean jacket?

Before trying to shrink a jean jacket, you should check the cotton quality first. Make sure that it is not prewashed. If it is, then it won’t shrink that much. But of course, you can try even in that case.

If your jean jacket is not prewashed then it can be checked easily by any of the methods I’m going to describe here.

Then check if your jacket is compatible with a washing machine. If not, then the first step is not for you. In that case, you can follow the second step described here.

how to shrink a jean jacket

Another thing to check is whether it is made of 100% cotton or not. Because, if your jean jacket is not 100% cotton, then it may not shrink up to your expectation.

Now, let’s see how you can shrink your jean jacket.

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Methods of shrinking a jean jacket:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m going to share three methods here. Let’s start one by one:

#1. Using a washing machine

If you have a washing machine, then this method is for you. Just follow these steps to shrink your jean jacket. Otherwise, jump to the next method.

how to shrink denim shirt
  1. Put your washing machine at the highest temperature and allow hot water to fill it.
  2. You can use some safe deterrent that will not harm the cotton or color of your jacket. It will help to soften the cotton and your jacket will shrink better. Also, it will give a fresh and clean look.
  3. Put the jacket in the washing machine and let it complete its cycle.
  4. After washing the jacket for several minutes, take it out. Then hang it for some time.
  5. Then, put your washing machine in drying mode and put the temperature to the highest again. Make sure to dry your jacket properly.
  6. After completing these processes, take out the jacket. Make sure it is cooled enough. Then check the result.

By this time, your jacket should be shrunk enough. If not, repeat this process again. You can do it several times but I won’t recommend that. Because it can cause damage or hamper the quality of your jacket.

#2. Without washing machine

The next step is for those who don’t instantly have access to a washing machine. In this case, you have to follow the following instructions:

Shrink A Jean Jacket
  1. Boil a pot of water to a sufficiently hot temperature.
  2. Then put your jacket in the hot water for some minutes. Jean jacket is made of some special fabric. So, it takes some time to shrink it enough. So,
  3. I’ll suggest keeping the jacket in hot water for some time.
  4. Then put the jacket out and let it cool for some time. During this time, the cotton will absorb the water more efficiently.
  5. Then hang the jacket under direct sunlight. Just make sure there is enough heat from the sun that can dry your jacket rapidly.
  6. When drying is complete, check if it is shrunk enough.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can repeat the process. And when you get your desired output, just stop the process.

Well, in this step, I’ve considered that you don’t have a washing machine. But if you have a machine, even after that, you have just washed your jacket manually, you can use your machine to just dry your jacket. Because the forced drying process will help to shrink better.

#3. With an iron

The next method is almost similar to the previous one. What differs is the drying technique that you will use. Let’s discuss it briefly.

Shrink A Jean Jacket With an iron
  1. Put your jean jacket in boiled hot water just like the previous step.
  2. After some time, take it out and let it cool for some time. You can also hang it somewhere for drying a bit.
  3. The next step is a bit different from the previous one. Before I’ve said to dry the jacket manually by sunlight. Now, you have to iron your jacket. So, heat up your iron to a sufficiently high temperature.
  4. Then iron your jean jacket properly. You can iron a bit more in those places where you want to shrink more.
  5. Check if the jacket has shrunk enough.

If the output is not enough for you, don’t forget to repeat the process. Stop when you get the result. But make sure, the quality of your jacket is okay. Don’t hamper the quality by over-washing or over-drying.

How to maintain a jean jacket?

Jean jacket or denim jacket is not made of the conventional type of cotton. Rather, it has a special type of cotton. So, to keep the quality and color of the jacket perfect, you should maintain it properly.

So, here comes the question, how to maintain a jean jacket. Here I’m sharing some tips on maintaining a jacket. Always keep these things in mind if you are a jean jacket user.

  • Manual hand washing is best for all garment products. Unless you are completely unable of washing your jacket by hand, don’t use a washing machine. Try to do it by hand for better results and long-lasting performance.
  • Make sure to clean the narrow areas of your jacket. The areas like shoulder, hands, pocket, etc contain extra dust. So, it needs to be cleared regularly. Otherwise, it may hamper the jacket.
  • Before washing make sure to turn your jean jacket inside out. It will ensure that the color of your jacket won’t fade out.
  • Don’t wash your jacket too frequently. Rather, try to wash it after 6-7 uses.

By following these instructions, you can enjoy your favorite jacket for a longer time.


Maintaining a jean jacket needs more care and patience. Otherwise, it won’t last long. Besides, if your jacket is not fitted properly, it won’t be that much worth it.

So, if you want to shrink your jacket on your own, you must know how to shrink a jean jacket. Otherwise, you can cause severe damage to your jacket.

So, follow the steps described here. If after these, your jacket is not fit perfectly, consult a tailor.

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