What Are The Differences Between Jeggings vs Skinny Jeans – [5 Factors Analyzed]

Every now and then there are debates in the fashion world. There’s the little black dress or the little white dress discussion, whether we can wear a bit of color to a job interview, or if we can wear black to a wedding. We also have a lot to say about the Jeggings vs Skinny Jeans debate.

In the early 2000s, we welcomed the return of skinny jeans with open arms. We thought they were the closest we’d ever get to skin-tight jeans until jeggings came on the scene. To this day, we engage in friendly banter about which is better.

Are you Team Jeggings or Team Skinny Jeans? Let’s present both sides so that you can make an informed decision.

difference between jeggings and skinny jeans

What are Skinny Jeans?

Skinny Jeans
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Skinny Jeans became a hit back in the early 2000s. They were a breath of fresh air as they were almost the total opposite to their immediate and long-reigning predecessor, the bell-bottom or flare jeans.

Skinny jeans have a snug fit between the legs, and have a slim fit all the way to the ankle, hugging the thighs and calves.

Throughout the years, we’ve enjoyed skinny jeans in various forms, such as high rise, mid-rise, and low rise.

Men and women have sported them in all the colors of the rainbow and the different types of wash. And who can forget the distressed jeans? Those had tongues wagging!

What are Jeggings?

what are jeggings
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Very few of us knew what to make of them when they first appeared. We were less puzzled however when we heard the meaning of jeggings.

Leggings that look like jeans but aren’t jeans? Brilliant! Jeggings aren’t made from denim but rather knit polyester with spandex. They have the illusion of denim, so at first glance, they look exactly like skinny jeans.

Soon after their debut, everyone decided that they had to rock a pair of jeggings. Everyone from cashiers and college girls to yoga instructors and celebrities. We also adored them because they were a little dressier than our regular leggings.

The difference between Jeggings and Skinny Jeans

Both have taken the fashion world by storm and are very similar in appearance. However, upon closer inspection, we’ve discovered differences that are too blatant to ignore.



Skinny Jeans


Made from spandex, cotton and elastane with a denim print.

Thin and soft to the touch.

Composed of mostly denim and a synthetic blend of cotton, elastane and polyester.

Thick and sturdy feel.


Skin-tight and sleek. Not thick enough to mask belly pooch and love handles.

Slightly looser, tight but not skin-tight. Curve-hugging and flattering on most body types.


Very comfortable due stretchy and elastic structure.

More restrictive and bulkier as a result of the denim.


Gym, grocery shopping, and other informal activities and events.

Events and activities that require casual to semi-formal wear.

Appearance and Details

Elastic waistband not zippers or belt loops. Faux front pockets.

Functional front and back pockets, a fly with zipper or buttons, and belt loops.

Price Range

$10 to $40

$20 to $200

Why choose skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans offer an instant figure-complimenting fit that takes swagger up a notch.  They’re more conventional and present a more finished and polished look.

You can easily dress them up or down. Additionally, they’re heavier and more durable. The sturdiness of the denim will do a great job of keeping you warm during the winter.[Jeggings vs Skinny Jeans ]

Why choose jeggings?

These are the type of knock-offs we love to cherish. Jeggings are not only comfy – they’re perfect for those wanting a slimmer appearance.

You can even go for fashionable jeggings to achieve a look that’s stylish and ready for business or to party. Pull them on and go without worrying if your fly will be open at some point during the concert.

Are jeggings more comfortable than jeans?

Then there’s the jeggings vs jeans argument. Sometimes, it comes down to comfort. Hands down, jeggings are more comfortable than jeans.

This is the reason they’re a favorite among moms with young kids and other persons who are constantly on the go. You can easily go from the grocery store to the gym while rocking jeggings.

Why are skinny jeans so popular?

We’ve been sporting skinny jeans since the early 2000s, making their reign unmatched.[Jeggings vs Skinny Jeans ]

They’re lasting this long for a very good reason – they’re flattering to all body types, and provide versatility, edge, utility and durability. Even though skinny jeans are a little bit expensive than jeggings, it is still popular.

Final Verdict: Jeggings vs Skinny Jeans 

So what side are you on? We would understand if you answered “both!” After all, they serve different purposes. [Jeggings vs Skinny Jeans ]

We can agree that they both deserve to be staples in our closets. We also know that we will look fantastic in whichever one we choose.

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