Levis 513 vs 514 – What’s the Difference? [Explained]

The 513 and 514 are both slim-fit jeans from Levis. They are very similar in terms of fit, but there are some subtle differences. The 513 is a straight fit jean, while the 514 is a slim-fit jean. The 513 has a low rise and sits at the hip, while the 514 has a mid-rise and sits just below the waist. The 513 has a slightly tapered leg, while the 514 has a more fitted leg. The 513 is available in a wide range of colors and washes, while the 514 is only available in a few colors.



Both jeans include distinct features. Some of them are similar while others contradict one another. 

That means, to do a fair comparison, you need to consider all the aspects regarding them. And so, we will present you all the insights and let you compare them side by side to come up with accurate results. 

Levis 513 vs 514 Comparison Table

Levi’s 513 and 514 have a few identifying features. These features often help us to recognize them from our first impressions. So, before going to the detailed discussion, check out the following table for comparison. 

FeatureLevi’s 513Levi’s 514
Leg opening15.75 inches 16.5 inches 
SitsBelow WaistBelow Waist
FittingMore tight-fitted Less tight-fitted 
Category Slim-fit Straight-fit 

Levis 513 Overview 

The unique and modern design of the Levi’s 513 makes it the perfect everyday use option. Unlike other baggy jeans, it has more of a straight and slim cut. As a result, the cut gives it a better structure and a semi-formal appeal. 

levis 513 slim straight

That means you can throw on a blazer and wear this as a young professional. Not to mention, the mid-rise denim has comfortable support on the thigh. So, despite sitting below your waist, it will not create any inconvenience. 

Finally, the super-wide leg opening complements the entire design and ensures sufficient space at the end of your legs. Hence, it will not bother you while doing everyday activities. 


  • Do not fit like skinny jeans 
  • Enough space below the knees 
  • Suits almost any outfit
  • Perfect for semi-formal meetings
  • Good-quality cotton prevents irritation


  • Wide leg openings do not suit everyone
  • Might seem tight on the hips

Levis 514 Overview

The Levi’s 514 is different from the regular straight-cut jeans. Instead of giving a bulky appeal, it offers a defined structure. That means, you can get a polished look, and the jeans will still not hug your legs either. 

levis 514 mens jeans

Again, it features quite a wide leg opening. Therefore, it gives you a nice shape that goes pretty well with hoodies and jackets. Not to mention, the super-breathable cotton has excellent quality and impressive durability. 

Besides, the design ensures that it fits perfectly below your waist while giving you a comfortable fit on the thighs and hips. So, if you are not a big fan of skinny jeans, Levi’s 514 can be an excellent choice for you. 


  • Amazing fitting on the lower waist area 
  • Lasts long with durable material
  • Does not cover up the shape of your leg entirely
  • The cutting style gives a youthful appearance
  • Ideal for large-size work boots


  • Large leg-opening does not suit small shoes 
  • The waistline is not comfortable for all people

Levis 513 vs 514: Similarities

If you do not pay much attention, you won’t notice much difference between Levi’s 513 and 514. That is right. Both of the jeans share tons of similarities. 

The straight cut of the denim gives them a similar appearance. Besides, due to the fabric, both of them feel a lot alike. 

Now, the same goes for the design and the fitting as well. These Levi’s jeans have a slim-fit design that does not feel baggy. Moreover, it includes a super comfortable below-the-waist fitting as well. In total, both of them have a lot in common. 

Levis 513 vs 514: Differences

Levi’s 513 and 514 are undoubtedly a pretty close match. Still, you can find many factors that separate them apart. For instance, the fitting in both of the jeans has some differences. 

Levis 513 vs 514

First of all, in Levi’s 514, you will get a much loose-fitted shape through the thigh. However, the Levi’s 513 has a slightly fitted shape. The hip area of the 513 one is also a bit tighter than the 514 one. 

Furthermore, you get a larger leg-opening with the Levi’s 514. As a result, both the jeans require different styling approaches too. So, they share a lot of differences as well. 

Levis 513 vs 514: Which One to Choose

Judging by all the amazing qualities, it will be a tough choice between these two. And why not? Both of them have great quality and provide superior comfort. Nonetheless, the choice will depend on what you are looking for. 

Levi’s 513 s an amazing option if you want something that gives you a toned look without being too tight or skinny. So, try it out if you are into these types of looks. 

On the other hand, the 514 one provides you with a larger leg opening. That is why go for Levi’s 514 when you want to get that traditional straight-cut look. 

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We have finally reached the end of our discussion. So, what is your opinion on Levis 513 vs 514? Will you go for the slim-fitted one or stick to the traditional design? 

Regardless of your choice, both jeans are amazing in their own ways. All that matters is how you want to incorporate them with your style. So, pick the one that suits your sense of fashion and wear it as you like. [Levis 513 vs 514]

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