Levi’s 550 vs 559 Jeans – Which One to Choose

As a denim aficionado, you’re probably wondering which is better: the Levi’s 550 or the 559 jeans? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we’ll be comparing the two styles of jeans side-by-side to help you make a decision.

Levis 505 Vs 501 Jeans – Which One To Best

The Levi’s 550 jeans are relaxed-fit jeans, designed for comfort. They have a higher rise and roomier seat and thigh, making them a great option for those who want a relaxed fit. The 559 jeans are also relaxed-fit jeans, but they’re designed to flatter your shape. They have a slim fit and a contoured waistband, making them a great choice for those who want a relaxed but flattering fit.

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So, which is better? That depends on what you’re looking for! In this article, you will find a thorough comparison between the Levi’s 550 and Levi’s 559 jeans. You will also find detailed descriptions about these jeans how these jeans are similar and how they are different from one another.


We will also help you to learn which one of these two jeans you should pick in this article. So now let’s start with the main comparison between these two types of Levi’s jeans.

Levi’s 550 vs 559 Comparison Table

Both the Levi’s 550 and the 559 jeans are relaxed types. But there are some differences such as the 550 jeans have looser thighs. The comparison between Levi’s 550 and 559 has been shown in the table below:

FeaturesLevi’s 550Levi’s 559
Leg Opening18 inches16.5 inches
SitsBelow WaistAt Waist
Material100% Cotton98% Cotton, 2% Elastane

Levi’s 550 Overview

The Levi’s 550 jeans are classy and comfortable jeans that were introduced in 1985. These are slightly baggy jeans. The style of Levi’s 550 jeans is quite similar to the classic 501 jeans.

Levi's 550 Relaxed Fit Men's Jeans

However, in the thigh and seat area, there is extra room. These are relaxed-fit jeans. But the legs are tapered near the ankle. There is even a loose fit feature in these jeans and these are built with normal rise.

The leg opening of Levi’s 550 jeans is smaller. But don’t worry about it because these jeans don’t feel tight below the knee.


  • Sturdy and high-quality stitching.
  • Strong and durable material/cloth.
  • Wraps around the waist by leaving room for comfortable movement.
  • Easily fits over work or construction boots.
  • Both front and back pockets are roomy and deep.


  • The waist sizes are not always accurate.
  • The rear pocket stitch quality is poor.

Levi’s 559 Overview

The Levi’s 559 jeans are made with +Levi’s Flex technology. This is an advanced Levi’s stretch technology. It was developed to provide optimum flex and maximum comfort.

Levi's 559 Relaxed Straight Jeans

These jeans have a relaxed fit above the knee area. But below the knee area, these jeans are straight-fit. For this reason, not only these jeans are comfortable but also professional.

The Levi’s 559 jeans don’t have much room in the thigh area. However, these are still quite comfortable to wear and these jeans give you a professional look. BY the way, these jeans are not a hundred percent cotton.


  • Both stretch and the non-stretch version are available.
  • Fits perfectly and feels quite comfortable.
  • The stitch quality is excellent.
  • Roomy pockets are available in the front and the back.
  • Easy to wash with liquid detergent.


  • Not fully cotton.
  • The zipper is not smooth.

Levi’s 550 vs 559 – Differences

The main difference between the Levi’s 550 and 559 jeans is the fitting. Though both these jeans are relaxed types, they fit quite differently compared to one another. First of all, the Thigh area of Levi’s 550 jeans is looser than Levi’s 559 jeans.

Levi's 550 vs 559 Jeans

But Levi’s 559 jeans have a bigger leg opening than Levi’s 550 jeans. Above the knee area, Levi’s 550 jeans are baggier but below the knee area, Levi’s 559 jeans are baggier. In other words, Levi’s 559 jeans have a straight fit below the knee area, unlike Levi’s 550 jeans.

Aside from the fittings, there are some more differences such as Levi’s 550 jeans have 100% Cotton. On the other hand, Levi’s 559 jeans have 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane. 

Another difference between the two jeans is that one of them has a zip-type closure and the other one has a button-type closure.

Levi’s 550 vs 559 – Similarities

The most significant similarity you will find between the Levi’s 550 and Levi’s 559 jeans is that both these jeans offer a relaxed fit. As a result, you will find both these jeans comfortable to wear. But there are some more similarities between these two jeans.

For example, both Levi’s 550 and Levi’s 559 jeans are easy to wash with liquid detergent. Both have a zip fly and these are all available in various colors.

The stitch quality for these jeans is also similar. This means both these jeans are suitable for the same type of work.

Levi’s 550 vs 559: Which One to Choose

You should select between the Levi’s 550 and Levi’s 559 jeans based on the qualities that fit you best. For example, if a regular fit is preferable to you, then it is better to choose Levi’s 559 jeans instead of Levi’s 550 jeans.

You should keep in mind that regular fit means a fit that is not too baggy or too tight. But if a looser fit is preferable to you, then it is better to choose Levi’s 550 jeans. So, you can see that the jeans should be chosen depending on what type of fit you prefer. [Levi’s 550 vs 559 Jeans]

You can pick the regular fit if there is not too much movement in your work. But if you have to move a lot, it is better to pick the loose fit. Because it will provide you with more comfort.[Levi’s 550 vs 559 Jeans]

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Final Verdict

So, you have learned everything about the Levi’s 550 vs 559 jeans, their similarities, and their differences. From now on, it will be easier for you to pick one based on your needs.[Levi’s 550 vs 559 Jeans]

You have seen that the main difference between these two jeans depends on their fittings. If you have any more questions about these jeans, you can ask us in the comment section and we will try to answer as soon as possible.[Levi’s 550 vs 559 Jeans]

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