Levi’s 559 vs 569 Jeans – Which One To Choose?

The Levi’s 559 vs 569 jeans debate has been going on for years, and there’s no clear winner. Both styles of jeans are comfortable and stylish, and they can be dressed up or down. So, which one is right for you?



The 559 jeans are Levi’s Relaxed Fit jeans. They’re designed to sit low on the waist and are roomy through the thigh with a slightly tapered leg. The 569 jeans are Levi’s Loose Fit jeans. They’re also designed to sit low on the waist, but they’re even roomier through the thigh with a straight leg.

To help you in this quest, we have discussed all the details of Levi’s 559 and Levi’s 569. First, let’s have a quick glance at the comparison table to find out the significant differences among them.

Levi’s 559 vs 569 Comparison Table

TopicLevi’s 559Levi’s 569
FitRelaxed Straight FitRelaxed Loose Fit
Leg Opening18 inches18.5 inches
StyleSlightly TaperedBaggy
RiseLow riseLow rise
ColorMedium – Dark BlueLight Blue – Black
ClosureZipper with ButtonZipper with Button

Levi’s 559 Overview 

People who want a combination of comfort and style are drawn towards the relaxed straight fit of Levi’s 559 jeans. These jeans have plenty of room in the thigh area with a straight fit from the knee. As a result, you can be comfortable yet portray a sleek professional look.

Levi’s 559


Another thing to remember is that these are low-rise jeans. So, they sit low on your waist and give you enough room in the seating area too. Moreover, the 18-inch leg opening allows you to wear it without any tugging or pulling.

If you are worried about shrinkage, don’t be. Most Levi’s 559 are true to size and don’t shrink much to affect your size. However, choose 100% cotton jeans to prevent even the slightest shrinkage.


  • Clean professional look
  • Ensures a comfortable fit
  • Additional space in thigh area
  • Spacious leg opening
  • Compatible with various footwear


  • Zipper fly may not be most durable

Levi’s 569 Overview 

If you enjoy a more laid-back look, Levi’s 569 will be perfect for you. This is known as the comfiest and most loose-fitting jeans offered by Levi’s. You’ll be surprised with the amount of thigh and seat room you get with these loose straight-fit jeans

In addition, the straight baggier cut from the knee to the bottom makes it suitable for all body types. Want to dip your toe in the realm of wide and baggy jeans? Then, definitely start with Levi’s 569. It’ll give you a tasteful loose fit without drowning you in denim.

Levi's 569 Loose Straight Fit Jeans


These come with an 18.5-inch leg opening and zip fly with button closure. This along with the roomy thighs make it especially suitable for men with muscular builds or larger thighs.


  • Ensures the comfiest baggy fit
  • Features a tapered leg
  • Extra-wide leg opening
  • It comes with a low-rise waist
  • Suitable for all body types


  • Material is not as durable

Levi’s 559 VS 569: Similarities

When looking at jeans the first thing we consider is the fit. And the primary similarity between Levi’s 559 and 569 is that both of them fall in the relaxed fit category.

Both jeans come with a spacious seat and thigh area to ensure ultimate comfort. Also, you will get a low-rise waist in both styles meaning the jeans will sit slightly below the waist. Hence, you can move around freely throughout the day without any restrictions.

What’s more, the wide leg opening of these jeans makes them suitable for all types of shoes. However, if you are considerably small in the thigh and seat area, these jeans may look ill-fitting on you.

Overall, both jeans are recommended for a more casual look than in strict professional settings and they are not suitable for harsh work sites.

Levi’s 559 VS 569: Differences

Even though Levi’s 559 and 569 have some similarities, they also possess subtle differences in style and fit. 

The first big difference is the size of the leg opening. While Levi’s 559 has a leg opening of 18 inches, 569 features a wider 18.5-inch leg opening. As a result, you get a tapered slimmer leg with the 559 and a slightly looser leg with 569 jeans. 

Levi’s 559 vs 569

Another difference is in the fit of these jeans. If you prefer a straight fit with your relaxed jeans, the 559 will serve your purpose. The 559 jeans are recommended for people with a smaller frame and 569 are preferred for larger guys. So, if baggy is the fit you favor, pick Levi’s 569 jeans

When talking about durability, Levi’s 559 is better. They come in thicker durable material and high-quality belt loops & zippers. However, the 569 jeans tend to have lost Levi’s quality with time. Customers complain about the thin material and flimsy belt loops.

Lastly, you can find four colors of the Levi’s 559 starting from medium blue to dark blue. But Levi’s 569s has more color options from the lightest blue to black. 

Levi’s 559 VS 569: Which One To Choose?

Levi’s 569 and 559 are both excellent relaxed-fit jeans that’ll surely meet your needs for comfort and style. However, which you’ll choose ultimately depends on your personal style and size preference.[Levi’s 559 vs 569 ]

So, if you think you need the extra half-inch leg opening to comfortably fit the jeans, go for Levi’s 569. You do get a more casual look with this fit and of course the most room. Also, the different color choices are a great advantage. 

However, if you think you’ll be comfortable enough with the 18-inch leg opening, we’d recommend the Levi’s 559. It will allow you to take this look from casual to professional with the straight-fit slimmer legs. 

What’s more, these are more durable than the 569 ones so you would be able to enjoy them for longer. That’s not all, Levi’s 559 runs exactly true to size. So, you don’t have to worry about ordering one size and getting another.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):Levi’s 559 vs 569

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Learning how to differentiate between the Levi’s 559 vs 569 will allow you to pick the one appropriate for you. Both Levi’s 559 and 569 jeans are excellent quality jeans with impressive features.[Levi’s 559 vs 569 ]

Hopefully, our deep dissection of these two fits has cleared all the doubts you had. Consider all the pros, cons, and features before choosing one style.

However, if you ask us we think Levi’s 559 is the better one among the two. It will let you enjoy a relaxed comfortable fit without making it look too sloppy.

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