Skinny Jeans VS Super Skinny Jeans – What is the Difference?

Let’s just say super skinny jeans are the skinniest jean you will find out there. Yes, they are way skinnier than your traditional skinny jeans.

Most of us wonder what is meant by super skinny jeans and question, the difference between skinny and super skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans have easily become one of the most popularly worn fashion trends in the world.

People have been blown away by this new fashion invention, which exploded on the fashion scene in about 2005.

Currently, there is a wide variety of jeans to choose from, whether super skinny, relaxed fit, or even athletic fit jeans.

Nowadays, we have the option to choose better-fit jeans. But do we know what’s the difference between skinny jeans vs super skinny jeans?

What are skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans are very tightly fitted designed jeans that sit nicely on the body normally revealing the body figure.

These jeans are normally designed to get more tapered as it moves down the legs. They are built for numerous shapes and sizes.

Skinny jeans typically highlight your physique, that’s most persons aim when they wear them.

definition skinny jeans

Super skinny jeans.

Although these jeans have widely become very challenging to wear people still love them because of the look.

Some of my favourite jeans are skinny jeans, they give an exciting and more outgoing look.

What are super skinny jeans?

Super skinny jeans are even tighter than skinny jeans, they latch on to the skin even more and become deep-seated on the body.

These jeans are very interesting and are like the tight version of jeans showing up all your figure.

extreme skinny jeans

Skinny jeans will normally have a looser ankle or knee fit overall, the super skinny is just way stingier.

The super skinny jeans grip the entire body, it seems even more uncomfortable than the skinny jeans, but if you want to show off your physique these are perfect.

Difference between skinny and super skinny jeans

The boat obvious difference is that the super skinny dreams are built smaller and grasp the skin closer than the traditional skinny jeans.

difference between skinny and super skinny jeans


Skinny Jeans

Super skinny jeans


Stretch material for a bit of room

Limited stretch, little to no excess room.


Not very tight in the waist

Extremely tighter in the waist.

Leg opening

Small, but provides a good amount of room. A little less room than some average relaxed jeans. 

Extremely small, provide little to no room in the legless area. Much tighter than the average skinny jeans.   


Sits nicely on the body, tapered as it goes down to the legs and thighs. 

Grips the body and skin nicely, tighter than skinny jeans as it goes down to the legs and thighs. 

Hips and thighs

Smaller than regular jeans. 

Smaller than skinny jeans and athletic fit jeans. 


From $15

From $17

When should I wear them?

Skinny jeans and super skinny jeans can be worn anywhere, especially during casual outings.

These jeans have become so popular they are accepted almost anywhere. It’s almost impossible for you to go somewhere without seeing someone rocking either of the two.

The world of fashion has been altering traditional size jeans for years, but these seem to be the ultimate pair of jeans. [Skinny Jeans VS Super Skinny Jeans ]

It is easy to say they are the most popular jeans currently on the market. People prefer these jeans to make bum look good.

Tips on How to Wear Skinny Jeans For Women

Wear colorful tops: You can wear bold colors with your skinny jeans. This amplifies the outfit while showing off your nice body structure. It’s an easy look, but a very classic trend. [Skinny Jeans VS Super Skinny Jeans ]

Wear with a T-shirt: Adding a nice shirt, whether it’s a plain black, white or have your favorite quote on them. This pairing gives you a great look while keeping it simple. This classic look can be sported anywhere and gives a sense of confidence.

Rock with sweaters: If you are in a colder climate, skinny jeans are excellent to wear. They add warmth as they wrap about your skin. The sweaters thick designs help to compliment the jeans beautifully.

Dress with a leather jacket: This is one of the most fashionable looks. Wearing your best skinny jeans with a nice leather jacket, the black normally goes well with any shade of jeans. [Skinny Jeans VS Super Skinny Jeans ]

Accessorise: Dress up your jeans and top with your favorite scarf, head tie, cowboy hat, handbag, or your favorite heels. The best thing about skinny jeans is that they can be rocked with almost anything if you know what look you are going for.

What do people say about them?

People normally choose their super skinny jeans as their favorite pair of jeans. They look at the look and enclosed features.

In addition, most people said that their skinny jeans are a part of their favorite outfit.[Skinny Jeans VS Super Skinny Jeans ]

It’s always appealing to find that you have a great outfit in your closet and the skinny jeans are named by most as their best look.

Although a few persons complain about the tightness of their jeans and their sometimes uncomfortable nature. Most people still choose to add ultra skinny jeans to their closets.[Skinny Jeans VS Super Skinny Jeans ]

But part of that problem might be that they have gotten the incorrect size. Ensure that you choose the right size skinny jeans for your body type.

Where to buy skinny jeans & extreme skinny jeans?

Super skinny jeans and extreme skinny jeans can be purchased online on several apparel stores including Amazon and eBay. In addition, these jeans can be purchased in any apparel store near you. From target, H&M, and Hollister.

These jeans are available in almost any apparel store near you. Due to the popularity of jeans, you can now get them in various sizes and shapes.

Best Skinny Jeans And Super Skinny Jeans

Best super skinny jeans for women: Signature by Levi Strauss
Best high-waisted skinny jeans: High Rise Skinny Jeans
Best skinny jeans for curvy women: Curvy High-Rise Skinny Jeans
Best jeans for tall women skinny: Levi’s Women’s 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans
Best plus size skinny jeans:  Modern Skinny Jeans 
Best men’s jeans for big belly and skinny legs:  Pull-on Skinny Jeans 
Best black super skinny jeans: Work Casual Pants
Best high street super skinny jeans: High Waist High Rise Skinny Jeans

Final verdict: Skinny Jeans VS Super Skinny Jeans

These jeans are seen as some of the most popular jeans worldwide. They provide a nice look when paired with anything.

You can either choose between traditional skinny jeans or super skinny jeans. If you need a more extreme look showing off your figure you can opt to get the super skinny jeans.

It’s always good to have a great pair of jeans, especially when it fits and you feel good about yourself in tit.[Skinny Jeans VS Super Skinny Jeans ]

Choose the jeans you feel will make you look and feel classy as move throughout your day.

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