Bootcut Jeans: Straight vs Bootcut Jeans – What’s the Difference?

There is an endless controversy surrounding whether or not bootcut jeans are fashionable. People keep asking the question, is this in style, will people think I look appropriate?

Should I wear straight leg jeans instead of a bootcut? The war with straight vs bootcut never ends. So let’s figure out whether straight jeans or bootcut jeans are for you.

Bootcut jeans were inspired by sailors’ uniforms in the 1850s, which allowed sailors’ boots to fit easily. It became a go-to pair of jeans in the 1960s and 1970s.

But like all other fashion trends, the bootcut style is in this year and out the next. But each time the style comes in there becomes a rampant controversy surrounding the trend.

Although it may not be the first choice of most expensive jeans, bootcut jeans are still worn even when it’s not in trend. A few people may rock it to work and sometimes it’s just our favourite celebrity we caught sporting them.

Are Bootcut Jeans Back In Fashion?

Usually, people shy away from boot cuts, because of the comical look which is completely different from new trends like straight jeans or boyfriend jeans. But lately, companies have realised this concept and started making bootcut jeans more “fashionable!.’

Bootcut Jeans

Today you can get your bootcut jeans in different colours and even some with a unique style. This has led many people, whether office workers, managers or celebrities to occasionally rock this 60s style in public even to date.

And although some people may still shy away from bootcut jeans, fashion has evolved so much with time to the point where more people are now noticeably choosing to wear what pleases them.

What Is The Best Length For Bootcut Jeans?

We can all agree that with bootcut jeans it’s all about the look you are going for, whether it’s a work attire or a casual attire the length may defer. But the length you should choose will be the one you are most comfortable with.

In a sense, the jeans size is based on your preferences. However, there are some standard lengths that I normally subscribe to and are generally seen as the lengths that should be worn with a particular attire.

Although women and men’s bootcut length may differ due to our height differences. Generally, we all rock the same bootcut jeans as they are seen as unisex apparels.

As for me when wearing heels I may go 1cm off the floor. This not only looks good on you but prevents the jeans from getting dirty.

A Lot of men like bootcut jeans too as it’s easy to wear with any style of shoes and gives a great look. Men too will opt for a 1-2 cm off the floor-length depending on their height and expected look.

If you are still in doubt of what jean size to purchase, you can always get the bootcut jeans and cuff the end of the leg to your preference.

This way you will find it to be a perfect size. Although most males prefer doing the cuffing, females too rock it well, especially with sneakers.

Who should wear bootcut jeans?

Like any other apparels, there is no sizeism in bootcut jeans. It’s a unisex fashion piece that is suitable for everyone to rock.

Although people’s body types differ and some will say I like to see bootcut on thick girls or petite individuals. This again is very subjective as it all comes down to your boot cut jeans preferences.

One person may indeed look more classy in bootcut jeans, but even that can be relative, as what is nice for you can be a bad feature for somebody else.

In a sense, a bootcut should be worn by whoever prefers to rock it, whether it be a petite or a curvier individual.

Although most people believe that due to the make of the straight jeans they are more suitable for slim people, while the bootcut seems more appropriate for curvier people.

Straight vs bootcut: What’s the Difference?

The obvious difference is the appearance of straight fitted jeans, the legs appear to be straight through to the bottom of the jeans, meanwhile, the bootcut jeans are flared at the bottom. Thus making the bootcut not straight all the way.


Straight Jeans

Bootcut  Jeans


Straight through to the bottom of jeans

Star straight but more room from the knee down


Roughly the same tube shape throughout the length of the pants

Taper  from knee to ankles 

Body type

Can be worn by all, but the unchanging width makes it more suitable for the petite. 

Can be worn by all , but the flaring helps balance the thighs, making them more flattering on curvier people. 

Height of wearer

Anyone of any height can wear these but they’re a better fit for average and short heights

Anyone of any height can wear these but they’re better suited for taller people

Complimentary footwear

Can be worn with most types of shoes, including tall and lean boots, high heels, flats and sneakers.

Look better with boots, and other similar chunky shoes, such as wedges. 

High heels are also suitable to wear with these jeans.

How to wear bootcut jeans?

It’s all about the look. People generally prefer to sport bootcut with high heels, but people have been seen rocking them with sneakers and even flats and it still looks classy.

So it’s up to you to decide if you want to put some cuffs on your bootcut pants and rock it with sneakers or just rock it with your best sandals.

It will still look great as long as you choose the right colour and style in both jeans and footwear.

Final Verdict

Now it’s going to be challenging to choose between the two even though at first you may have the straight jeans in mind.

This is because by now, you would have realised that both jeans are wonderful fashion pieces. And it’s based on your preferences and ultimately what will suit different people in various situations.

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