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There are thousands of jeans out there to choose from and the Urban Star jeans are some of them. The best products don’t have to be super expensive with high-end names.

It is true that some of our best-looking jeans are extremely low quality. They are not the great quality jeans we are looking for. But we buy a lot of them and hope it will work out.

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Now the Urban Star relaxed fit jeans can help us. They provide comfort, a great look, and a longer-lasting pair of jeans.

These jeans are made with stronger materials than the average jeans. Therefore you are looking at longer-lasting jeans.

6 Best Urban Star Jeans for Men

Urban Star Men’s Relaxed Fit Jean

These jeans are in different shades and boats a standard straight jeans design. They are well made and designed for an absolutely amazing look.

urban star relaxed fit jean

Let’s look at some of the features:

Material: Made with some of the strongest cotton these Urban Star relaxed jeans are great in providing a relaxing fit, with their thick, but soft soothing material.

Double front: You will not get the double front look if ghats what you are going for with these jeans, but they can still be worn anywhere.

Pockets: Urban Star Relaxed jeans still feature the traditional five-strong pockets for all your small items.

Fit: Looks like the traditional straight jeans, but unlike some others, they won’t look or feel baggy. [Urban Star Jeans Mens ]

Tool loop: Urban Star Men’s jeans are designed without tool loops.

Urban Star Slim Fit Jeans for Men

This is a very comfortable fit, cotton-made, stretch jeans. Versatile pair of jeans that can be worn anywhere.

Urban Star Slim Fit Jeans

Let’s look at some of the features:

Material: These slim-fit jeans made with mostly cotton are designed with durable washer and dryer safe garments.

Double front: The double front design will not be featured, but these jeans are still great with the traditional seamless front.

Pockets: Five-pocket design jeans are mostly what’s on-demand, so these are designed with that in mind.

Fit: Urban Star Slim fit jeans provide comfort and protection for smaller people.

Tool loop: This feature is not available in these jeans. [Urban Star Jeans Mens ]

Urban Star men’s relaxed fit straight leg jeans

These are the original relaxed fit jeans, unlike the straight leg Urban star jeans, which have a looser fit. Although they are quite similar to the Straight leg stretch they are made for people with bigger things.

urban star men's relaxed fit straight leg jeans medium blue

Let’s look at some of the features:

Material: Urban Star Men’s original Relaxed fit jeans consist of extremely durable stretch technology within the design. The stretch technology is so well designed it doesn’t get too loose and uncomfortable.

Double front: Although a nice feature if that’s what you are looking for. This does not take away from the quality is provided by these Urban Star Jeans.

Pockets: You have all of five good-sized pockets losing your keys will be way harder with a pair of jeans like this.

Fit: A very comfortable fit jeans due to the extra stretch technology in its design. If you have a bigger body these are ideal for you.

Tool loop: Comfort and elasticity are the number one feature in these jeans, while a tool loop is not in its design.

2017 Version Urban Star Men’s Jeans Dark Blue

These jeans have a traditional look, but give you all the comfort benefits of the most modern pair of jeans. The Urban Star Men’s Jeans (2017 Version) can be worn on any occasion. They will make you look and feel better while wearing an inexpensive pair of jeans.

Urban Star Mens Jeans 2017

Let’s look at some of the features:

Material: These jeans are made with modern fabrics that are specifically made to provide protection and a wonderful look.

Double front: Some of us might not be a fan of jeans with a double front, then this will be well suited for you.

Pockets: You won’t get any less than the transitional five-pocket. With four bigger pockets and a smaller one.

Fit: The 2017 jeans are not only extremely modern in design, but also provide a comfortable look for both bigger and smaller men.

Tool loop: The standard Tool loop is not a feature in these jeans.

Urban Star Men’s Jeans (2016 Version)

A classic look, while enhancing comfort. These urban Star jeans last long even when you continuously throw them in your washer and dryer. When looking for good easy to clean jeans, these could be a great option.

urban star jeans

Let’s look at some of the features:

Material: With the durable stitching adds a great look to the design while protecting your jeans from easy rips.

Double front: You might not like the double front design, then don’t worry these jeans do not include a double front in their design.

Pockets: These five-pocket jeans are big enough to hold most of your small items. [Urban Star Jeans Mens ]

Fit: The Urban Star Men’s Jeans (2016 Version) these jeans like its 2017 competitor are a redefined version of other Urban Star Jeans. The 2016 version of the Urban Star jeans is good for all body types and offers great styles.

Tool loop: The tool loop feature is currently not available in this version of the Urban Star Men’s 2016 jeans.

Urban star men’s relaxed fit straight jeans

These jeans are specially made to provide a great look for you. This company continues to produce quality on-budget jeans. Whether you are going to work or to the dance hall, these could be worn.

Urban star

Let’s look at some of the features:

Material: Traditional skinny jeans design with a twist. These jeans are extremely stretchy but still showcase your gorgeous body.

Double front: No double front feature in these modern design jeans.

Pockets: If you want some extra storage for your phone, wallet, and coins these five-pocket jeans will be a great choice for you.

Fit: These are straight-looking and fit nicely like your traditional skinny jeans. But, they are not too tight so you don’t have to worry about your waist being bruised. [Urban Star Jeans Mens ]

Tool loop: Urban Star Men’s straight jeans are not designed with a tool loop.

Why do I like Urban Star jeans?


Whichever jeans you choose to purchase you will definitely want them to last longer than the first pair you purchased. I loved that these jeans were very sturdy and gets cleaned easily. The material is very resistant to heavy washing and a long work period. These jeans his made of quality cotton material and so they easily provide comfort, while still staying strong.


Good quality for lower costs is always a dream for every customer. Unlike some of the traditional high-end brands, these jeans may not be super popular. But the quality is resounding for very low costs. We don’t have to worry about paying too much for a very low-quality product when we look at the Star jeans.


The Urban star jeans have seamless stitching, it’s not messy and looks really neat. The stitching gives the jeans a bit of style while keeping them in place nicely. [Urban Star Jeans Mens ]


These jeans are very neat, looking classic but at the same time having a modern twist. There are several colors that give options depending on your style.

Strong Zipper

Some jeans have that weird hard close zipper, you don’t have to worry about that with these jeans. In addition, the zipper doesn’t spoil easily, it’s one of the strongest out there.


Who makes urban star jeans?

Urban Star jeans were originally made by Dutch company star men. The Jeans are now manufactured in other countries such as the US and Pakistan.

[Urban Star Jeans Mens ]

Do urban star jeans shrink?

Any jeans can shrink after a while without proper treatment. These will not shrink easily but give them extra care, they might never shrink.

[Urban Star Jeans Mens ]

How long do urban star jeans last?

These jeans like most jeans can last up to 8 years. However, this will be depending on whether or not you treat the jeans right. You have to protect your jeans from heat and tears.

[Urban Star Jeans Mens ]

Where can I buy urban star jeans?

These jeans can be purchased online on Amazon.com, ebay.com among other online stores. We can also buy these jeans at our local Costco or Walmart.

[Urban Star Jeans Mens ]

Final Verdict: Urban Star Jeans Mens

Urban star men’s jeans are good jeans for the price. The brand might not be Levi’s or Wrangler but it has been doing good in the fashion industry.

Trying new jeans, especially when it’s not too pricey is always a good thing. You want to maximize on getting quality at low costs.

It’s time for you to try something new, that will give you the look and comfort you have been searching for at a great price.[Urban Star Jeans Mens ]

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