What are Tapered Fit Jeans? Difference Between Tapered vs Slim Fit Jeans

In the fashion world, there are few items or styles of clothing that may be considered versatile. Tapered jeans are certainly on that list.

It doesn’t matter what look you’re going for; tapered jeans are guaranteed to please. They can be your jeans of choice, whether you want to go from day to night, from office to drinks after work, or from playing pool with friends to meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time.

Some of us have considered tapered jeans to be our go-to pants but never gave it much thought as to how they got the name. What are tapered jeans?

Read on for the answer as well as for additional details and comments regarding this beloved style.

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What are Tapered Jeans?

Subtlety can make all the difference. Such is the case with tapered jeans. Simply put, tapered jeans are your typical form-fitting jeans that gradually narrows at the thighs, then to the knees and continues on to the ankles.

They’re excellent at slenderizing your legs without being tight and restrictive. These are everyday jeans because they’re comfortable from waist to ankle.

tapered fit jeans

People of all age ranges and genders like them because they can be worn with sneakers or sandals for a casual look, or complete an outfit that includes a blazer, dress shirt or a flowy blouse for a business or semi-formal attire.

However, tops that are baggy or loose can detract from the elegance and stylishness of the jeans.

Some stylists even recommend that men should stick to sneakers and other sports wear rather than formal shoes while wearing tapered jeans.

Should You Wear Tapered Jeans?

If you’re into every day, comfortable and timeless jeans that compliments your body then look no further than tapered fit jeans.

They may not be edgy or offensive to people with modest taste, but they certainly make a statement.

A tapered fit jean may be ideal for you because it’s flattering on almost all body types. If you like to elevate your style with a pair of jeans that boasts the tailored look then you’ll need the tapered fit.

You’ll also love them if you’re a very active person. Tapered leg jeans are a little loose in the hip and waist area, so they’ll allow you to move effortlessly around while you run errands.

What are Slim Tapered Jeans?

Are you a fan of skinny jeans? What about slim-fit jeans? Looking for a happy medium? The slim tapered jeans maybe your style of choice because they’re the best of both worlds.

As a cross between skinny jeans and slim-fit jeans, slim tapered jeans aren’t too loose or too tight.

They feature a tapered leg opening and present the comfort jeans and feel of regular fit jeans with the look and style of skinny jeans.

The narrowing usually starts at the hips, and gradually continues to the thighs onto a narrow leg opening. They’re a fan favorite, especially for slim people.

Tapered vs Slim Fit- What’s the difference?

Just like the tapered fit jeans, slim fit jeans gradually narrow towards the ankle. We’ve also spotted a few differences.

Specifications / Features

Tapered Jeans

Slim-fit Jeans


A little bit of room in the hips section

More snug from hips to ankle


Starts from the thighs

Starts from the hips


Tighter around ankles

Tightness starts from the butt and thighs

Body Type

Suitable for most body types. Perfect for those with wider hips.

Can make skinny people look slimmer

May not be flattering on some body types.

More ideal for skinny people

Who Should Wear Slim Tapered Jeans?

Anyone who is more on the slender side can sport this style with ease. The slim-fit tapered jeans work perfectly well for long, slim or shapely legs.

Slim fit tapered jeans often look good with slim fit t-shirts and other shirts that aren’t too loose.

As for the rest of us, we can rock them too, but we may have to deal with some trial and error before we find a pair that fit us well.

Slim tapered jeans can have a slimming effect so there’s a strong chance that most people can find a pair that looks good.

People who are very bulky or muscular will have to proceed with caution as it pertains to jeans with a slim tapered fit.

If you have very thick thighs and the leg and ankle of the jeans are too tight, you may feel restricted, even while sitting.

If you prefer to reserve some jeans for special occasions while assigning day-to-day activities to jeans such as the tapered jeans, then get a pair of slim tapered jeans.

The slim tapered fit, though comfortable, isn’t ideal for running errands. You’re better off dressing them up for occasions that require semi-casual wear.

Also, you’ll like the slim-taper if you don’t wear boots with jeans. These jeans are designed to mimic the natural shape of the leg, therefore there wouldn’t be enough material at the ankles to fit around boots.

This is also the reason they’re so difficult to roll up.

Tapered Leg vs Straight Leg Jeans – What’s the difference?

Both styles offer you versatility, a little room in the hips and thighs region and they will flatter most body types but that’s where the similarities end.

At first glance, both styles look similar, but you’ll agree that there are a few slight differences upon closer inspection.

Specifications / Features

Tapered Leg Jeans

Straight Leg Jeans


Starts to taper from the thighs

Little to no narrowing from thighs to ankles


Form-fitting but not tight

Not baggy but not too close fitting either


No need for major adjustments because it’s tailored to be close fitting

Needs to be tailored if you desire a closer fit

Final Verdict

We can conclude that there’s a pair of tapered jeans for everyone, regardless of age, gender or body type.

Go forth and wow onlookers in a pair that promises style, comfort and versatility.

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