What Color Shirt Goes With Light Blue Jeans For Ladies

Color combination is a big deal. For example, pink and green, or red and purple look really tacky when put together. Classy outfits can only retain their value when put together with suitable color combinations. 

Jeans lovers might often be in a dilemma over what color to wear with their jeans to look modern and chic. We will suggest aesthetic color suggestions to help make your jeans outfit shine.

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Let’s find out what color shirt goes with light blue jeans for ladies

How to decide which color suits you best with light blue jeans?

Choosing a shirt to suit your jeans can be a tricky task. To get an overall nice look, you need to make sure that your shirt not only matches your jeans but also blends with your footwear and accessories.

white t-shirt and light blue jeans

Wearing light blue jeans is like a challenge. If you can pick the right shirt and accessories, you will look the coolest. But again, a little mess can go really wrong, ending up in you looking odd and funny.

Before choosing a color, you need to pay heed to several factors. 

Skin tone

Your skin tone also has to be one of the biggest concerns. Many women believe that certain colors make them look flushed and muddy while others really make them pop. So, we recommend not choosing colors that match your skin tone. Always go for colors that will create a contrast with your tone and accentuate yourself.

NOTE: Whether a color looks good on you or not does not have to do anything with your tone. If you can carry an outfit confidently, you will most definitely look ravishing. However, some ladies feel more comfortable in certain colors. It is better to wear those colors that bring out your confidence.

The occasion

Also, the kind of occasion will also affect what type of color you choose to pair up with your light blue jeans. Loud color may not be appropriate if you are going for a formal meetup. However, if it is just brunch with friends, you can choose clothes that are funky and chirpy.

Eye color

If you ask people what is the first thing they notice about someone else, the majority will say ‘the eyes’. Many women tend to underestimate the power of the eyes. Do not completely overlook the combination of your eye color and cloth color. It does make a difference. For example, green eyes look amazing with a yellow color combination.    

What colored shirt do I pair up my light blue jeans with?

Light blue jeans restrict your choices of colors to choose from. It is comparatively easier to style dark blue jeans. However, both dark and light colors can create a spark. That is, you may choose to create a contrast by choosing darker and lighter colors together, or you may choose overall light colors like pastel or nude. It is totally your choice. 

Tank top with light blue jeans

Here are some colors that we recommend for you.


Black compliments everything. Black is like potato which tastes delicious in every dish. Pairing a black shirt with light blue jeans will give you a totally flattering look. You can choose to tuck your shirt inside your jeans, or you can let the shirt rest on top. Anyway, black is guaranteed to give you a posh look. 

black t-shirt and light blue jeans


White and blue make a really subtle combination. You can get a simple, formal, and flawless look with a white shirt and light blue jeans. White is an ideal choice for a formal occasion. Pair it with white heels, and you will have gotten yourself a nice and mesmerizing look. With a subtle dress-up, you can afford bold makeup too.

Woman with Light Blue Jeans


A scarce choice, but honestly, a lemon yellow shirt can really look gorgeous with light blue jeans. It is a unique choice, and who doesn’t like uniqueness nowadays? Ladies strive to be uniquely fashionable. This is your chance, to give yellow the appreciation it deserves!


Red does not need justification. This bold color speaks for itself. Of course, it goes without saying, does not choose a red shirt for a formal occasion. This is for informal outings where you can show your bold, fierce fashion sense of yours.

Purple or Lavender

The new people’s favorite, purple, is next on the list. The purple craze is surging high in the world. Anything purple just grabs our attention in seconds. So, pair up a purple shirt with your light blue jeans. They look amazing together. 

Similarly, lavender can also rock a light blue jeans combination. Wear white sneakers and choose a white bag. The combo will blow your minds!


Pairing an orange shirt with your light blue jeans will give you a super trendy look. You are bound to look elegant and youthful. This combination never goes out of fashion and glorifies the subtle style of many women.

Denim shirt

A light blue or dark blue denim shirt suits perfectly with a pair of light blue jeans. This will give you the contemporary look that women desire today. The denim-on-denim style will flatter you in the most beautiful way. Jeans lovers should not ignore this style.

Pale pink 

This has to be the cutest combination. Pale pink or baby pink looks absolutely fiery together with light blue jeans. Wear white shoes with this combination and you will be super impressed.


Grey shirt is an uncommon choice but you will definitely not regret the chemistry between gray and light blue. So, pair up your light blue jeans with a gray shirt and flaunt your style boldly.

What colors should I avoid with light blue jeans?

There are some colors that look not-so-good with light blue jeans. However, it really depends on the wearer. If these colors can be carried confidently, you can rock anyways. Here is a list of colors that can look tacky with light blue jeans.

  • Hot pink
  • Neon blue
  • Neon green
  • Cyan
  • Neon yellow


Here is your complete guide to what to wear with light blue jeans female. Fashion is a subjective topic. What impresses someone can be totally distasteful to another. 

However, this article has a number of suggestions and we are pretty sure everyone will find something they will absolutely love here. 

Fashionistas never back off from experimenting. We would suggest you try out our recommendations and we are really hopeful that you all will love these combinations.

Don’t forget to comment with your opinions below. We would love to hear your fashion tips.

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