What Is Cowboy Cut Jeans – Bootcut Jeans Vs Cowboy Cut Jeans

Finding someone who hasn’t enjoyed a thrilling cowboy movie in their lifetime would be hard. Have you dreamt of looking like those heroic Texan cowboys too? Then you need to get yourself a pair of stylish cowboy cut jeans.

Jeans have been and always will be a part of the mainstream fashion world. Since their introduction in the 1850s, they have evolved countless times. And one of the most impressive and outstanding forms of jeans is cowboy cut jeans.

Even though cowboy cut jeans were primarily manufactured for cowboys, they have become popular with every jeans lover. So, what are cowboy cut jeans, and what sets them apart from others?

Read on to find the answer to all your queries about cowboy cut jeans.

What Is Cowboy Cut Jeans

Rodeo stars and professional cowboys are seen wearing a special cut of jeans. Famous rodeo tailor Bernard Lichtenstein came up with this design called cowboy cut jeans. Since their introduction in 1947 by the brand Wrangler, they have become a timeless classic.

Cowboy cut jeans come with higher back pockets that allow cowboys to store items in the back pocket even while riding horseback. Moreover, the wider front belt loops allow them to wear traditional western belts.

cowboy cut jeans

However, the most noticeable feature of cowboy cut jeans has to be the wider legs that start tapering from the knee so that they can fit over cowboy boots.

Cowboys need jeans that will allow them to ride comfortably. Therefore, cowboy-cut jeans have more room in the thigh and seat region.

How To Cut Jeans For Cowboy Boots

Don’t own cowboy cut jeans but still want to wear jeans with your cowboy boots? Nothing to worry about, you can wear your regular jeans with cowboy boots by altering them slightly. What’s great is that you can do this alteration by yourself at home.

wrangler cowboy cut jeans

We’ve explained the altering process in a step-by-step method. So, read carefully and follow the steps to cut your jeans for cowboy boots.

Step 1: Gather a pair of fabric scissors and a fabric marker along with the pair of jeans you want to cut.

Step 2: Wear the jeans and the cowboy boots to get an idea about how much you need to cut the jeans.

Step 3: Fold the bottom of the jeans up to the point where the cowboy boots start widening at your feet. You’ll have to roll up about one inch or half an inch depending on your legs.

Step 4: Take your fabric marker and mark vertical lines at the seams of each jean leg up until the points where they are rolled. The perks of using a fabric marker are that they’ll wash off pretty easily.

Step 5: Take off the jeans and unfold the legs. Now cut along the inside and outside seams with your fabric scissors following the mark you made earlier. These tiny cuts will allow you to wear the jeans comfortably over the cowboy boots.

Why Are Cowboy Jeans Stiff

Whether you’ve owned cowboy cut jeans or checked out a pair at the store, you must know how stiff they are. Wondering why they are made so much thicker and stiffer than regular jeans?

Well, being a cowboy is no easy task. They have to ride on horseback for hours amidst dusty arenas.

Cowboy Jeans

Hence, they need jeans that’ll be able to withstand the wear of regular horse riding while keeping them comfortable. This is why cowboy cut jeans are made stiff so that they can handle everyday heavy-duty riding.

In addition, the stiffness protects the cowboys from scratches and cuts in case they fall off the horse. On top of that, cowboy-cut jeans remain clean and wrinkle-free as the stiff material doesn’t catch much dirt or wrinkle up.

What Is The Difference Between Bootcut And Cowboy Cut Jeans

Bootcut and cowboy cut jeans are often confused to be the same. Even though they share many similarities they are not the same cut of jeans.

Bootcut jeans are considered to be the predecessor of cowboy cut jeans. They were inspired by sailor uniforms in the 1850s.

Sailors needed jeans that could be worn with their work boots. Hence, manufacturers came up with jeans that flare at the knee and have a wide bottom that can fit over the boots.

Cowboy cut jeans came much later and were originally designed for cowboys. These jeans also are wide at the knee but they don’t have flared bottoms like bootcut jeans.

Cowboy cut features a tighter lower leg than bootcut. This will even give you just enough space for a boot but not widen all the way.

Moreover, cowboy cut jeans come with many other features required only by cowboys such as high waisted cut, high back pockets, wider belt loop, etc.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Who Makes The Cowboy Cut Jeans?

Wrangler is the only brand that makes cowboy-cut jeans. There are other brands that make similar cut jeans, but the authentic cowboy cut can only be found at Wranglers.

What Other Brand Jeans Do Cowboys Wear?

Apart from Wrangler, brands like Carhartt, Lee, Rustler, Key, and Cinch are popular among cowboys. These brands make high-quality jeans that are suitable for the demanding job of cowboys.

Why Do Cowboys Prefer Tight Jeans?

Cowboys prefer tight jeans because it protects them from falls and accidents. Loose jeans can get caught on fences, boots, or even a bull’s horn.

But tight jeans prevent such occurrences and keep the cowboys safe.
What’s more, tight jeans don’t move about during riding as a result they can stay safe from getting sore skin.

What Length Is Ideal For Cowboy Cut Jeans?

Your cowboy-cut jeans should be enough to cover your legs completely. However, make sure they don’t go too low below your ankle as that can cause the jeans to get stuck under the boots. The proper length for cowboy-cut jeans would be just above the ankle.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Jeans & Cowboys Cut Jeans?

The first difference between cowboy cut and regular jeans is the thickness. Regular jeans are not as thick as cowboy cut jeans. As a result, they are more prone to damage.

Moreover, cowboy jeans are made with a more breathable fabric that doesn’t absorb dirt and sweat as much. Also, they feature more breathing room in the thigh and waist region than regular jeans.

Why Do Cowboys Use Starch On Their Jeans?

Cowboys spend hours sitting on the saddle which can wrinkle the jeans. Starching makes the jeans resistant to wrinkling. So they don’t get wrinkled even after wearing them for days at a stretch.

That’s not all, starch makes the jeans dirt repellent. As a result, the dirt and dust just slide off as opposed to getting absorbed into the jeans.

Wrapping Up

Cowboy cut jeans are a perfect combination of style and functionality. They are especially great for riding and working at ranches or farms.

These jeans are not as common as a straight cut or regular jeans. However, if you are a fan of comfortable yet durable jeans, you’ll definitely love cowboy cut jeans.

Hopefully, this article has cleared your confusion regarding the question “what is cowboy cut jeans?”. If you haven’t tried cowboy cut jeans yet, we recommend you buy a pair and enjoy their timeless elegance.

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  1. Thoughtful, Insightful Article. I’ve been buying the George Straight “cowboy cut” jeans over the “regular cut”, but I’d never seen a site-based explanation of the difference. It’s an intuitive answer, really kind of what I’d guessed, but I appreciate the clarity on it.
    Now, (1) as a Strategic Business Consultant who wears Jeans almost daily — except when Event(s) requires Dress Slacks — and (2) given that I live in the “frozen tundra” of MidAtlantic Yankee Land, I’ve moved to “lined jeans” as I’ve aged, which moves me beyond my two choices, Wrangler / Straight and Brooks Brothers to other Department Store brands for “winter wear”. I’d encourage Wrangler to consider a “YankeeLand Product Line Extension,” lined jeans for us to wear December-March.


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