Why Do My Jeans Smell Weird? [Causes, prevention, and Solutions]

jeans smell weird. We all love jeans, there are no two ways to that. Whether it be jean pants, jeans shirts, or jeans jackets, they are the absolute comfort. But, have you ever noticed a funny smell emanating from your jeans? Have you ever asked yourself this question: Why do my jeans smell weird?

If you have, this article is for you. We will give you all the answers you need related to smelly jeans and how to prevent and solve this issue. 

jeans smell bad

Stay tuned and continue reading to find out why your jeans smell bad.

Causes of Bad Odor in Jeans. jeans smell weird

Your jeans can smell even if they are brand new. Jeans that you haven’t worn for a while can also smell bad. Here are the major reasons for smelly jeans. jeans smell weird

#1. Smell from formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is the chemical used to embalm or mummify bodies. This chemical is also present in your jeans and this is the reason behind your jeans being smelly. Formaldehyde is used by the majority of large-scale denim manufacturers to make fabric durable and wrinkle-free throughout manufacturing. The scent isn’t even the worst part; formaldehyde may induce dermatitis, a skin ailment that can also result in blisters or skin that flakes off. jeans smell weird

#2. Smelly chemicals from harmful dyes

Why does denim smell? You might have asked this question to yourself times and again. For the production of their jeans, particularly black jeans, several firms employ dangerous colors like AZO dyes. These dyes have been seen to emit carcinogens which are absorbed by the skin and can leave a very unpleasant chemical aroma.

#3. Mildew causes a musty smell

If you’ve ever noticed a sour odor after bringing out jeans that you haven’t worn in a long time, you might be curious why a folded-up item of clothing has become so stinky. jeans smell weird

A form of fungus called mildew thrives in moist environments and has a musty, foul smell. Airborne spores from mildew could cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions, even if it’s not as deadly as other varieties of mold. This is especially true for more vulnerable individuals including the young, aged, and immunocompromised.

#4. Sebum buildup

Your skin produces sebum, a waxy material, to defend itself. In addition to being among the most frequent causes of acne, it may also be the reason why your pants smell bad.

When it accumulates excessively, it may build a barrier inside your jeans that draws dirt and other unpleasant materials. It is an oily material, which makes it troublesome to eliminate if there has been an excessive buildup as water cannot pass through it.

#5. Sweating

Your garments may smell like body odor due to sweat and microorganisms on your skin. After a day of errand-running around town, your pants may absorb perspiration and odors if you don’t wash them. jeans smell weird

#6. The buildup of laundry detergent

Oftentimes, we use excessive laundry detergent following the misconception that the detergent will get rid of the smell of our clothes. The major purpose of laundry detergent is stain removal rather than odor elimination.

Even scented detergents only cover up odors. For the best results in getting rid of foul odors, use the right amount or stay away from laundry detergent entirely. This is one reason why jeans smell bad after washing. jeans smell weird

$7. Not washing jeans for too long

A smell can build up in your jeans if you keep wearing them without washing them. It is important to wash and clean your jeans regularly to avoid ending up with smelly jeans. Also, let your jeans properly dry because damp jeans will also leave you behind with a bad-smelling pair of pants.

my jeans smell weird

How to prevent smelling jeans?

#1. Buy from sustainable brands

Buying jeans from sustainable brands will get you products without any chemical intervention. Smell originating from formaldehyde can be avoided this way. 

#2. Let your jeans dry properly

Dampness can cause more bad smells. Try dry cleaning your jeans, or use them once completely dry.

#3. Make sure the washing machine is clean

Unclean or smelly washing machines can build up mildew and hence pass the odor on all the clothes it washes. 

#4. Choose jeans made of organic cotton

A wonderful technique to avoid a strong odor is to wear organic cotton pants. Sticking with breathable cotton is indeed the best course of action because polyester materials have been shown to keep onto microbial smells longer and more powerfully.

Solutions for smelling jeans

Here are some tips on how you can get rid of bad-smelling jeans.

Use Borax

Although most people don’t use it frequently, borax is as useful as it is efficient. It is particularly effective in eliminating odors caused by fungus and chemicals. Use it to remove smells off jeans in the same manner that you would baking soda.

Use baking soda

Compared to other domestic deodorizers such as borax or powerful chemical detergents, baking soda is more environmentally friendly. It is a fantastic natural absorbent, so rather than masking odors, it will remove them.

Go for Castile Soap

Castile soap, an environmentally friendly cleaning agent consisting of vegetable oils plus sodium carbonate, is excellent for freshening up denim.Without harming the jeans, odors may be eliminated by soaking them in a mixture of water and Castile soap for around 30 minutes. Then, give them a thorough rinse to get rid of any accumulation.

Choose white vinegar

Another excellent domestic deodorizer for jeans is white vinegar, which won’t take the color off of dark or black jeans. When used with a bit of baking soda, it will swiftly eliminate detergent residue and odor-trapped odors. White vinegar is particularly useful to use if you have a mildew issue since it is acidic enough to destroy mold. 

Try oxygen bleach

Deodorizing dirty jeans is easy with oxygen bleach and hydrogen peroxide. It won’t leave stains on your clothes as chlorine bleach does, is safer to keep in your house, and is ecologically friendly. All odors, including chemical odors, will be eliminated from your jeans, but the mildew will be exceptionally well-removed.

Use lemon juice

For smelly clothes, lemon juice works as a natural deodorizer. Lime juice is a fantastic all-natural choice if you want to deodorize and freshen up the smell of your pants. However, the acidity might cause darker-colored clothes to fade. So, lemon juice shouldn’t be used on dark or black jeans.

Washing and letting dry

Smelly jeans can be gotten rid of simply by washing them and letting the jeans dry 100%. Drying under UV light can be very beneficial. 

Maintenance of jeans

Jeans need to be taken care of. Otherwise, they can go bad and start smelling horrible. You need to wash your jeans appropriately, not too frequently, and not too less as well. 

How to wash jeans and how long to keep them drying can be confusing. It is often recommended that smelly jeans be washed with cold water mixed with white vinegar. Soaking the jeans in this water for half an hour to one hour will help get rid of the chemical smell.

FAQ: How often should jeans be washed?

Denim jeans are thick fabrics. It is mostly recommended that they be washed after approximately 10 wears. However, in special circumstances like too much sweating, try washing them earlier. 

If your jeans are made up of thin fabric, they might not last 10 wears; consider washing them more frequently.

Conclusion. jeans smell weird

We have tried answering your ‘why do jeans smell’ question as effectively as possible. This article will give you all the reasons, solutions, and recommendations that you will be needing to keep your jeans flawless.

Hopefully, we were able to help you with this article. We will be glad to hear your ‘Why Do My Jeans Smell Weird’ experiences and solutions. So, comment below with your story and share this article to reach more people who are worried about this issue.

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