Why do people starch jeans? Jeans Advice

A lot of people like their clothes starch. It’s neat, your clothes will look crispier and more resistant to crushing.

Starching your jeans is a traditional technique used to help retain the quality of the color of the fabric. starch jeans

Jeans have been starched for decades before the cowboys start wearing them and way before the renaissance. However today the process has been more developed and anyone can do it with a few simple steps.

Nowadays it’s even more popular for people to take their clothes to the dry cleaners, here they are ironed and most times starched. Most dressmakers and tailors prefer this technique. starch jeans

Grooming your jeans to look the best for any outing is always a task, but if you make simple adjustments it will be easy. But you have to start by earning some of the more inexpensive ways to get your jeans looking new and posh.

The History Behind Starchy Jeans. starch jeans

Starch has evolved over many moons. From having tedious and time-consuming mixtures to just a single bottle spray manufactured in less than an hour. starch jeans

Most studies show that the process of starching mainly began around the 1500s, although some researchers think it might be started during the first stages of the renaissance period. Whilst others believe it was earlier in the middle ages than the year 1500.

But, whichever year starching was introduced be it the 1300s or 1500s that’s hundreds of years ago. This process maturates consistently and over time has become more convenient. starch jeans

Starchy Jeans

Of course, during the 16th century, the fashion industry would not have been as developed as it is in contemporary society. Now, with globalization people can get well-developed fabrics from all over the world. starch jeans

This means that starching was more valuable then, but it was still not an everyday thing for the common people. But today anyone can get their clothes started inexpensively and frequently.

Why Do People Choose to Wear Starchy Jeans?

People choose to wear starchy jeans to avoid crumpled wrinkly jeans. Wrinkled jeans can sometimes look untidy and unclean.

No one wants to wear a pair of jeans that looks, old, washed out, and crushed up. We all want to look neat and clean when we are going out.

Starching is one way to get rid of the wrinkles and make your jeans seamlessly neat. Some jeans are okay to wear with a bit of wrinkle, but most are not.

Skinny jeans are beautiful but can look ugly if they are too wrinkled. People not only use starching to prevent wrinkles but also to help with the comfort of the jeans.

Too many wrinkles can cause the jeans to be more uncomfortable, especially in the crotch and leg areas. When you starch your jeans you can get rid of this. In addition, you could your jeans will be stiffer and harder to get wrinkled after the first wear.

starch jeans

Are Starched Jeans Comfortable

Although starch jeans are meant to retain color and eradicate wrinkles, it’s not always the most comfortable pair of jeans.

One of the main thing is that some people might starch the jeans too much. If this is done your jeans will be too stiff and uncomfortable.

It’s definitely true that starching can reduce comfort, but in can also add comfort depending on how well you starch your jeans.

Most people decide to use dry cleaners in the fear that their jeans might not come out as comfortable.

Starched Jeans Vs Unstarched Jeans


Unstarched Jeans

Starched Jeans


Fits comfortably without much stiffness. 

Looks really nice and neat, but can sometimes be a bit irritable to the skin. This is uncomfortable for some people.


Wrinkles are very obvious.

Wrinkle- free, very neat. 


Can be more difficult to clean, because it’s easier to capture dirt.

Very easy to clean as start help the jeans to be more resistant to dirt. 


More durable has jeans are not exposed to heat  or chemicals.

Over time the chemicals from the starching can cause the jeans materials to deteriorate.


Evidently the most you have to do with your unstarched jeans is wash them. 

For starching a pair of jeans It can be anywhere between $25 -$100 per jeans. That’s super expensive. If you use the can spray it can still be a bit of expense if you starch for every wear. 

Are Starched Jeans Still In Style

Starch jeans might not be so trendy with the different designs and materials for most jeans, but it’s still very popular.

A lot of people still starch their jeans. Even though they might not actually include a seam in their jeans, they still starch them regularly.

In addition, when we being our jeans to the dry cleaners, it’s often starched up. Nowadays people still buy spray starch and use them while ironing jeans to reduce stiffness.

Although not everyone wears them. They are still even very popular among celebrities and some everyday individuals. It’s not just a cowboy jeans thing a lot of people wear it.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt starching has evolved and of course, it still does have flaws. But it’s a good way to get the wrinkles out of your jeans.

It’s not widely accepted by everyone, because there is the potential that it might not damage your jeans.

But you can try sometimes, it’s always important to try it for yourself and see if your jeans are better when starched.

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