how to style wide leg crop jeans

So today how to style wide leg crop jeans, I am writing an astonishing composition for myself because I have always said that I do not love cropped wide-leg pants or jeans. I didn’t love them because I couldn’t find a pair that I liked. Still, I found a pair of jeans that are so awesome, so if you want to get into this trend, how to style wide leg crop jeans

I say do it, and this is a great transitional piece for this time of year. It’s also something great for spring and summer because it looks good with

 sandals and sneakers, and it’s just the best, so I can’t wait to show you these outfits. I’m going to do it based on dos and don’ts because there are a lot of things that you cannot wear with these types of jeans, and if you are shorter like me I’m 5’4 you might want to consider the pieces that you’re putting with it because they are

 cropped, which makes us look even shorter, and things can look very frumpy on you if you do not put them with the right thing, so I want to coach you today give you some ideas, and help you figure out how to wear this cute little TrendTrend that’s . how to style wide leg crop jeans

 Kind so the first recommendation I want. Do Hollister Jeans Shrink?

Tip Number One: Get The Right Length! how to style wide leg crop jeans

Before I jump into the outfits, make sure you find the right length, and if you’re buying a cropped pair of wide-leg pants, they need to look cropped, not too cropped. They don’t need to look too long where it just looks like you’re wearing high waters. Everybody knows what I mean so when you are buying them make sure you bring your shoes. If you’re going to try them in-store, bring the shoes that you want to wear with them so even with how to style wide leg crop jeans

how to style wide leg crop jeans

 your heels, if you need to get them the right length, they’re going to look too short when you put the heel on. Then, with the flat, they’ll look too long if you don’t get the right length with the

Jeans That Lift The Buttocks | Best Butt-Lifting Jeans.

 flat on, so there is a happy medium. I found my happy medium. It really worked for me, and the jeans that I found, to tell you a little bit about them, are from anthropology. They are more expensive, so if you want something similar, I’ll try to find similar items that are less costly and link them. how to style wide leg crop jeans

how to style wide leg crop jeans

For you, but these were amazing. They’re highrises, and they have a lot of stretch to them, so they are really comfortable. I love the way they hang. They don’t really feel like a stiff pair of jeans. They feel like a great pair of sweatpants, and so I have loved them. I love the more oversized cuff at the Hem because it looks like trousers as opposed to just a regular pair of jeans, and I think that’s a really cute

Look for something cropped so you can see these. I love them, and they’ve been a lot of fun to style. I hope you enjoy these outfits and that they give you some ideas of what you want. how to style wide leg crop jeans

could do as well, so the first item 

I Dos & Don’ts With Button-Up Shirts wanted to style

 It is a button-up shirt because this is a trendy item this time of year. You all probably have some button-up shirt in your closet, so I took the button-up shirt and put

 it with the jeans, but I first started with sneakers, and I started with the button-up shirt just out, and I didn’t do anything to it, so you can see here the proportions are terrible. This is what a lot of people do. It looks really frumpy, so a lot of people get up, throw something on like this, and run out the door. how to style wide leg crop jeans

You could really do a lot that makes a big difference with this outfit. The first thing that you could do is, since this is a little bit more of a casual outfit, you could take the top and, you know, tuck under the tail and then take, you know, unbutton it two 

how to style wide leg crop jeans

 buttons at the bottom, take the two sides and tie them, so this is really simple. It takes no time at all to tie it up, and it automatically makes a huge difference with your sneakers. Your proportions are now better, so you have that 1/3 2/3 ratio that I talk about all, how to style wide leg crop jeans

 the time in your proportions, and it just overall looks more styled as opposed to looking like you just threw something on

how to style wide leg crop jeans

 , which people do a lot of times when they’re putting on their sneakers. I get it because you want to be comfortable, but just doing that simple thing makes a big difference. how to style wide leg crop jeans

I tried to show this to you with my Espad drills because this shoe

 looks excellent in a pair of jeans.

Do Wear An Espadrille- Don’t Wear an Untucked Shirt

This one is a little short, but it does give me a little bit of

 height, and I wanted to show it to you with the shirt just untucked and loose. This looks better than it does with the sneakers, but it still looks awful because your proportions are off here. But if you take the shirt and what I did with this one is I just, how to style wide leg crop jeans

Do Tuck The Button-Up Shirt In

Tucked it in, but I did a Twist tuck, so if you want to do a twist tuck, I’ll show you quickly what I do so all you do is fold the tail under again, and you take the ends, and you twist them

 twice together, and then you tuck them in the front. You might have to tuck a little bit of the front of the shirt along with that, and it’s going to depend on how many buttons you unbutton for this by how long your shirt is, but I unbutton it to the waistband, and then you twist them and tuck it in, and it makes a cute little crisscross in the front, or you could just tuck it in and just fold the back under so you don’t get a lot of bulk in the 

back and tuck the front of it, and that works really well, too, but you can see the comparison here that this outfit looks so much better with it tucked in a little bit than with it left out, and if you wanted to, you could probably, and I just thought about this, and I didn’t put

 the outfit together, but what you could do is put a tank top on, put the shirt over it as an overshirt, and then have the pants so you still see the outfit underneath and make sure that tank top is either tucked in or shorter to give you 

Better proportions. Even though I had the heel on here with the pad drill, it still required me to bring that shirt up and tuck it in a little bit to make it look a lot better. A button-up shirt is a perfect option to put with your wide-leg jeans but style it better than just leaving it hanging out. how to style wide leg crop jeans

Dos & Don’ts With A Suit Vest

how to style wide leg crop jeans

The next set of outfits is several different versions with a button-up vest, so this is a suit vest, which is trendy right now. It’s very on TrendTrend, so I wanted to style it with these because I just thought it would be super cute and so

The first outfit that I did was with an, how to style wide leg crop jeans

Don’t Wear With Ankle Strap Shoes.

ankle strap sandal, which I say is an absolute no-no because that ankle strap impedes on the Hem of the crop

 Gene and it just creates a little bit of confusion down there, so if you’re going to wear a sandal, make sure it doesn’t have an ankle strap, but if it does, if it were a nude pair, that would work a little bit better because it would blend with your skin but so I. how to style wide leg crop jeans

Do Wear Heels With No Ankle Strap

how to style wide leg crop jeans

Decided to change the shoe to another high-heeled sandal that I have, and this one worked just fine. You could choose one that’s a little bit lower in the heel, like the first one, but this is the one I had that didn’t have an ankle strap, and the length of the jeans still looks good with this heel. This is probably the highest heel I would go, so the next thing I decided to put with it was actually my favorite shoe with these jeans all day long except for another pair, so maybe my second favorite and I’ll get to the other one in a minute, but I really love how to style wide leg crop jeans

Do Wear With Mary Janes

how to style wide leg crop jeans

This is Mary Jane, and I loved it with this. It created a much cuter look, so it’s a really girly style shoe, and I love that I could pair it back with this more masculine style vest. It looked perfect, so I got really excited about this one. It was my absolute favorite version of this. Still, I wanted to show you this with chunky loafers because I know chunky loafers or lug Soul loafers are really popular, and I think the heaviness of the wide legs either goes great with them or they look terrible with them, so I first tried it. how to style wide leg crop jeans

how to style wide leg crop jeans

On with just the plain vest and the loafers with no socks, no nothing, and I did not love this. I think the proportions are really out of balance here, so I look really heavy on the bottom compared to the top half of me, so how to style wide leg crop jeans

Do Wear Chunky Loafers With Socks & Tee

how to style wide leg crop jeans

To correct this, if you want to wear a Lugo loafer with this, all you have to do is put a little bit more on top and add a pair of socks, so that’s what I did. I just put on a white T-shirt. I tucked it in, put the vest over it, and then put on my cute little white ruffle socks.  how to style wide leg crop jeans

how to style wide leg crop jeans

and I thought this outfit came together so well that it had a

 trendy sporty and maybe a little bit of a preppy feel to it, so I figured it was a lot of fun, and I think this is a much better version than just throwing on the vest as a top and throwing on a loafer that’s really chunky so let me know in the comments which one you liked the best oh and I almost forgot I decided to do a little bit of a funky

Do Wear With Silver Sneakers

how to style wide leg crop jeans

Outfit here with my silver sneakers. If you have yet to see my article on styling sneakers, you should check it out because this was one of the pairs that I styled in that composition. You’re going to love them, or you’re going to hate them, and it’s a ballerina Style sneaker, and it’s in bright silver, so I wanted to try it with the vest because the vest has a Silver Thread through it and I love the Casual look of the T-shirt with the vest so I decided to try my sneakers and

I went with the silver sneakers, and I loved this version, and I did tie them. I wanted to show you guys that saw that last essay, so I tied it around my ankle like you would a ballet. how to style wide leg crop jeans

 shoe since it’s a ballet sneaker, so I just tied it like a regular sneaker, which you can do, and so I thought this outfit was a lot of fun. Not everyone’s going to do this, but you could put on a version of a silver sneaker that you love with an outfit like this, and it looks perfect. I think something that would be great for, how to style wide leg crop jeans

Dos & Don’ts With Button-Up Cardigan Tops

how to style wide leg crop jeans

The transitional season is the button-up cardigans that you can wear as tops, and I just got a new one that I love, which is black and white. It’s from my loft haul, and I wanted to put it with these because I thought it would be adorable. So I put it on with

 the jeans and then put on my flat Mary Janes, and if you don’t love Mary Janes, think about it as a ballet flat or a sneaker or a sandal here that’s flat. Hence, the idea is you are styling this

 with flat shoes. I didn’t love this outfit because the cardigan was too long. It covered the pockets in the front a little too much and came down too close to my hips, and that gave me appalling proportions. I think it just took away from some of the cuteness of the outfit that it could, how to style wide leg crop jeans

have, and so all I did was tuck in the

Do Tuck In The Cardigan

Cardigan because you can tuck these in the front and tuck them if you want to or fully tuck them. They still look perfect, but the buttons on the front of them were fighting with the buttons that I have on the jeans. So I did put a belt on to try and cover that, and I chose a skinny belt, but maybe even a wider belt would have been better here. However, I still kept on the flat shoes, and since I tucked in that cardigan, exposed the C pockets on the jeans, and gave myself better proportions, it looked

 really good with flats now. If you want to put this outfit with some heels, you could dress it up a little bit more if you’re going to wear something like this to dinner, or you could put a pair of sneakers with this, just maybe a plain white pair, and be entirely

 casual. You could get rid of the belt if you wanted to and not worry about the buttons. Either way, your cardigan might go better. It might have smaller buttons on it, and it might not impede, so you have to think about those things when you are putting yours. how to style wide leg crop jeans

outfits together, so now I want to talk

Dos & Don’ts With Jackets

how to style wide leg crop jeans

About the jackets, I look perfect in these. I just got a new bomber jacket, so these first outfits are going to be with the bomber jacket. Then I’ll move into some Blazers, but I really love this bomber jacket. I just put a new white tank top underneath it, and I tucked the tank top in. how to style wide leg crop jeans

I really wanted to show this outfit with two different styles of ankle booties because this is something that you will probably wear to transition into spring, and some people love still wearing their ankle boots; even right now, you could wear something like this if it is a little bit chillier. how to style wide leg crop jeans

how to style wide leg crop jeans

And so I wanted to show you two.

different versions, you see the

Don’t Wear With Low Ankle Booties

The socks booty version is here, where the shaft actually goes up under the jeans, and this looks fantastic. What I don’t love is when the

 ankle boot shows a lot of skin and it doesn’t go under the Hem of the jeans. You can see here the comparison that the ankle booty that has a shaft that’s taller than the sock booty looks a lot better than the one that’s shorter and shows more skin. They

 both have a heel on them, so they both are represented the same, but really not when you look at them and how they’re styled, so you really have to think about that when you are putting on

 a wide-leg and even your straight-leg jeans. I just think that by covering the skin, you can expose the ankle because exposing the ankle always looks good, but it doesn’t have to be exposed

 to where you see skin; it can actually be some boot shaft, which, in this example, you can see where the taller boot shaft looks a lot better but I also wanted to show you this outfit. how to style wide leg crop jeans

styled very, very casually for everyday

Do Wear With Retro Sneakers

how to style wide leg crop jeans

Wear it with a pair of sneakers. I chose my Sam Edelman retro sneakers that I’m so in love with, and I want to put them with everything, but I think this sneaker is a little bit chunky, and I think the chunkiness is what helps balance that bomber jacket because the bomber jacket is a

 It’s roomier because it’s not oversized, but it does have some bulk to it, so it adds some substance to the top of my body. I think the shoe on the bottom balances it really well, and I think the wide leg is just accented even more and looks even better this way. how to style wide leg crop jeans

So this is one of my favorite casual-style outfits. It’s gray every day, and I wear it all the time because it’s cute, stylish, and fun, and I feel perfect in something.

Dos & Don’ts With Blazers

how to style wide leg crop jeans

like this, so for those of you that love

Blazers: you’ll love this next section because I have three Blazers I want to show you. I think Blazers is a great piece that you can wear as a little jacket if it’s a little bit cooler outside. If you’re not a jacket girl and really love Blazers, it’s a perfect option, so I am showing you the first option, which is a longer oversized Blazer. This Blazer is so long on me I have to pick pants that are

 really long and wear heels. If not, it looks really frumpy really quickly. So this one, I would say, is a no-no because it just covers too much of my body, overwhelms the outfit, and 

how to style wide leg crop jeans

 does not look good, but if I swap it out for a Blazer that’s a little bit shorter, a little bit more fitted, and has a different look to it, then I think it works really well. You see these outfits with a tan ankle boot that has a skinny shaft on it that goes underneath because I wanted you to see the lighter ankle boot with the lighter

 jeans as well compared to the black one that I just showed you. Still, I like this version, but I’ll tell you what version I like even better with these, and that is a cropped Blazer, and I know not. how to style wide leg crop jeans

everyone’s going to wear a cropped

Do Wear it With a Crop Blazer

how to style wide leg crop jeans

Blazer, so I am giving you a couple of options: a classic, well-fitting Blazer that’s not too long works very well, and then a cropped Blazer works very well, as you can see here. In this version, I also decided to change out the ankle boot for my Espad drill so I could put a sandal with it because this is something I would wear to transition into spring. It made the Blazer look more springy now. I love ankle boots, but if you’re tired of wearing your ankle boots and want to do a springer shoe, a

 pad is a good option, so I wanted to show you this. I felt that it went back really well with this Blazer, so I had to throw in a very, very simple version for you because I don’t want to make these two complicated if you have a cute t-shirt in your closet that you love to wear throw it on with the jeans and I’m going to show you the. how to style wide leg crop jeans

The first version is here. I just put this

Don’t Wear Tee Just Untucked

metallic t-shirt on that I have that I love it’s a little bit more interesting, so maybe find a t-shirt that’s a little bit more interesting, um, and then I put on my white sneakers because

 I didn’t want um them to compete with the T-shirt since it is metallic and it’s kind of shiny, so I don’t love just leaving it out untucked, although you could probably do that and throw on your sling bag; you’ve got a decent outfit that will take you where you need to go for the day. how to style wide leg crop jeans

but I do love

Do Front Tuck The Tee

how to style wide leg crop jeans

Just give it a simple front tuck; I know a lot of people don’t love their front tuck, but I think it can make a big difference in your outfits. Try it. Sometimes, you have to play with it and see how much of the front you want tucked in, and you know what looks good on you depending on your shape, but definitely try it. how to style wide leg crop jeans

I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but it made this outfit look a little bit better. And then, if you have just a plain T-shirt, put on an exciting sneaker as opposed to just a plain white sneaker, and you have a cute little outfit and maybe a bag that matches. I love the sling bags; they’re great for everyday wear when you’re running around, and they’re super easy, but I also like them. how to style wide leg crop jeans

love having the ability to layer over

Do Wear A Moto Jacket

how to style wide leg crop jeans

This so I did choose my moto jacket to put over this because I wanted to show you a moto jacket would be really cute with these jeans as well and I think you could even dress something like this up a bit if I wanted to put a heel on with it if I just needed something quick to go out at night. You have lots of options here, so play around with some of your casual pieces and see if

 they would work with the wide-leg crop jeans that you find. If you find some and if you have any questions on any of these or any thoughts, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments

 these days, I cannot style an outfit without styling it with a classic loafer 

outfit last and then just decided to keep it on to record. I really loved this one with a loafer, and this loafer is a great color. It’s a tan loafer, so it. how to style wide leg crop jeans

Goes with a lot of different things, and I even pair it back with black, and it’s just a very fresh and kind of a preppy old-money style look. Loafers make outfits look more expensive and a little bit more attractive depending on what you put them with, but it did that for this one. I tucked in the shirt because it is longer, and you can tell it’s bluesy.

Still, I really loved this combination and thought it was another simple version that you could put on and wear day in and day out. You could even put on the white sneakers with this. It would be adorable so you can see that a lot of these casual outfits work really, really well, so it doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you can put them together the right way, but the reason. how to style wide leg crop jeans

Dos & Don’ts With Trench Coats

how to style wide leg crop jeans

why I originally put this outfit on because I wanted to show you two different style length trench coats because I think a trench coat is trendy to transition into spring and it’s a trendy spring jacket so I wanted to show two lengths I have one that’s kind of a mid-length that goes to about my mid-thigh and then I have one that’s more of a maxi length, and I

loved the Maxi l length with this if the Maxi length came all the way down to the Hem of the jeans it would look even better now I wouldn’t want it too much longer I don’t think but shorter it looked okay, and I did like it better than the mid-length jacket although some of you might really like the mid-length and you may not care um but I would either want to go a lot shorter or the Maxi length in this because it doesn’t create a weird cut off point on my body because when you, how to style wide leg crop jeans

have a cropped pant or Jean on it already has a cut-off point that’s in a little bit of a different spot than usual, so you don’t want to get too confusing in your outfits and too many C-off points that make your body look weird so that’s why I like the Maxi length and if you got this far in the I would love to know which length coat you liked better so I hope you how to style wide leg crop jeans

found that helpful and I hope you got excited about finding a wide-leg crop pair of jeans because I always said that I did not love these and would not wear them and look at me I love these, and I will be article these, and you’ll probably see them Style throughout my Spring and Summer because I think, how to style wide leg crop jeans

how to style wide leg crop jeans

 in spring and summer, they’re the perfect pair that you can do a lot with, and it’s just a little bit of something different than your skinnies or your straight legs that we’re so used, how to style wide leg crop jeans

to wear, and they feel outstanding, and you can do a lot with them, I hope I prove that to you

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