Dad Jeans vs Mom Jeans, Is There Any Difference? [Explained]

Dad jeans are mom jeans that have become a trend in the fashion world. People have easily started gravitating towards these jeans.

Although these jeans are somewhat based on old designs, the new fashion twists as created a buzz in the fashion world.

Celebrities have been rocking these jeans so often they have slowly become a never-ending trend for some people.

These jeans fill the gap between tight and relaxed-fit jeans. You will be able to wear jeans as comfortable as sweat pants while having a unique style.

What are dad jeans?

Dad jeans are higher waist jeans high waist relaxed jeans, the jeans are made very loose from the knees down.

These Dad jeans have become a wide-scale fashion trend, both males and females have gravitated towards the jeans. They bring comfort, a classic look, and an extremely timeless fit.

what are dad jeans

The Dad jeans style has grown tremendously popular with the aid of multiple celebrities. It seems to be a go-to for many of our favourite public figures. In fact, these are all some persons wear.

How to style Dad jeans?

Dad jeans are great with any plane or even coloured simply designed clothes, like a white shirt and white sneakers.

These jeans are more often rocked with a plain coloured shirt like all black, without even designs.

dad jeans meaning

Most celebrities like rocking them like this, in fact, this was the late Steve Jobs’ signature look.

Although these jeans are normally rocked with simple designs. You can still dress up nicely with your favourite pair of shirts or sneakers.

How to wear Dad jeans?

The pants are often cuffed once and worn with a pair of sneakers or flats. They can even be women as is to give a nice flared look.

With their flawless look and feel, these jeans can go well any way you style them. You could wear it with a nice jacket or even rip the jeans to show some skin.

You can style the jeans to make them as modern as any other jeans, whether with the latest sneakers or your favourite sweater.

What are mom jeans?

Mom jeans are classical relaxed jeans; they are loose in the thighs and tighter around the legs. They are essentially very similar to the Dad jeans but highlight your curves more.

Mom jeans have always been worn since the 90s, but have seemingly become one of the most popular jean trends today.

mom jeans meaning

These high waist jeans when dressed up give some of the best looks, while providing endless comfort.

How to style mom jeans?

Mom jeans like dad jeans can be worn with a nice shirt, whether polo or dressed shirt; they could also be dressed up with your favourite flats, boots, or sneakers.

Simple look, but classic and gorgeous that’s what a pair of mom jeans screams. You can go for light colours or even brighter colours if you wish.

The jeans are easily lit up by anything, even if it is just a simple plaid or a nice plain blue or olive shirt.

How to wear mom jeans?

Mom jeans can be worn cuffed to give a gorgeously modern look, while you can also tuck in your shirt in the jeans to give it a nice pop.

what are mom jeans

Whether it’s a Polo shirt or dress shirt you can wear it to have a nice look. Having on comfortable jeans is phenomenal enough. But being able to dress it up with simple things but still look sophisticated is even cooler.

Your boots and sneakers too can make a difference with your whole look. You can add a bit more spice with accessories like a belt or scarf.

Difference between dad jeans vs mom jeans

Everyone knows mom jeans and dad jeans. But what’s the difference between them? The name says it all. When it comes to jeans, mom jeans are tailored in a more feminine way, while dad jeans are more rugged. But there is much more to it than that.
Dad Jeans vs Mom Jeans


Dad Jeans

Mom Jeans


Baggy relaxed fit 

Cozier relaxed fit 








High rise loose straight leg

High rise tapered straight leg

Leg opening 

13-14 Inc

7-18 Inc





Start from $18

Start from $22

Dad jeans or Mom jeans; Which Is The Right Fit For You?

The right jeans for you are based on your size, body type, and the look you are going for. If you are bigger in the thighs you might be going for Mom jeans. However, if you are bigger in the leg area you would go for the Dad jeans.

In addition, you might be going for a different look and the Mom jeans serve that purpose. The reality is that these jeans are deliberately created to provide comfort while giving a fresh look.

It’s really up to you to decide which is the perfect wear for you. Whichever jeans suit your style and your figure go for it.

Final verdict

If you are a jeans lover you are always looking for a fresh look, while maintaining your confidence anywhere you wear them.

These two jeans are able to give you a great look while maintaining your comfort. If you want a nice classic look try any of the two that suit you.

Choose the look that you have always wanted.

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