Relaxed fit vs Regular fit Jeans, Is There Any Difference? [Explained]

It’s always a real challenge to choose between a related fit and regular fit jeans. The problem is that most people don’t even know the difference between the two jeans.

Getting the right pair of jeans is definitely not about the look, but mostly about the comfort.

Most jeans nowadays have an excellent and appealing look but don’t really have the edge in the fit.

However, with the rise in relaxed-fit jeans, we can easily find great design jeans that are extremely comfortable.

The right, design, shape, and size will ultimately give you a perfect pair of jeans. Depending on how your body is shaped you might just need relaxed sheep jeans to get the perfect fit.

Relaxed-fit jeans are easily some of the most comfortable jeans. This forced people to wear them more frequently than some other jeans.

What are relaxed-fit jeans?

Relaxed-fit jeans are looser-fitting jeans, the difference with them unlike other loose-fitting jeans is that they are not baggy.

These jeans give you more room to maneuver with much more space in the legs and
waist area.

A lot of persons are unaware that they could try out relaxed-fit jeans if they are having problems, especially in the crotch, thigh, and hip areas.

The loose-fitting jeans are ideal for persons with a bigger body and can be a fashion statement for those with a smaller body.

Relaxed fit vs Regular fit

Although nowadays companies are providing options from a wide variety of stretchable jeans some of these jeans get extremely baggy in the waist.

This will not be a problem for the relaxed-fit jeans as they are naturally woven to provide a comfortable fit without too much looseness.

A pair of jeans that offers comfort is always held in high regard, the relaxed jeans do this.

Who can wear relaxed-fit jeans?

Relaxed-fit jeans can easily be worn by anyone due to the stretch technology in their design. These jeans are ideally designed for big and even smaller body types.

The design deliberately makes it easy for anyone to wear relaxed-fit jeans, you won’t have to worry about getting scraped or suffocated by your jeans.

These jeans will give you a nice look in the workplace or even for any outing. You can move around for long hours without getting too uncomfortable or worked up because of your jeans.

What are regular fit jeans?

Regular fit jeans are traditional style jeans that do not fit too tight or too loose. These jeans are really made for the general population and do not always consider some other body types.

Although these jeans are made for everyone, they don’t normally fit everyone well. Either they are too tight or too baggy in some areas.

Unlike relaxed-fit jeans, regular fit jeans are maybe tight for some persons with bigger thighs and legs and baggy for those with extremely skinner body types.

Who can wear regular fit jeans?

Like the relaxed-fit jeans, anyone can rock your regular fit jeans. However, some persons who have bigger bodies, especially in the thigh and leg area may have some issues with these.

These jeans can ideally be worn anywhere and are of course the most popular of the two. Although nowadays we have more and more people opting to purchase the regular fit jeans.

Difference between relaxed fit and regular fit jeans

A relaxed fit is a style of jeans that have more room around the hip and thigh area than your typical regular fit jeans. This style of jeans is designed to fit and sit at the waist like regular fit jeans, but in the hip and thigh area it is noticeably looser.


The relaxed fit is also of the baggier style of jeans and will hang loosely around the waist. Relaxed fit jeans can be a great choice for jeans fans who prefer a loose fit around the waist, as the looser fit will fit better for those who prefer comfort over style.


Regular Fit

Relaxed Fit


Standard material is not extra stretchable. 

Enhanced with stretch technology

Leg opening

Less room for leg

More space for leg


Five-pocket standard design, with a standard fit. 

Very similar five-pocket design as the regular fit jeans, but includes a looser fit.


Smaller in size 

About 2 inches wider


The average size for certain body types

Normally 2 or 3 inches wider 


Often very loose or type depending on the person’s body type. 

Normally fits loosely, but is not too obvious to the eye. 


Start from $14

Start from $23

Relaxed fit or regular fit; Which Is The Right Fit For You?

The better choice of jeans will depend on your body type and the comfort level you are going for, the relaxed fit is good for people with bigger legs and thighs.

The only drastic difference between the two jeans is that the relaxed-fit jeans are looser and have a more comfortable fit, especially for those with bigger thighs.

In this case, it’s up to you to figure out which jeans will be best for your body type. You could try both and see which one suits you.

Final verdict

Although there is not a gigantic contest going on between the two jeans, Relaxed vs regular jeans has always bothered many people.

This is because some of us are not sure what relaxed fit jeans are, but now you know there are the looser fitting ones.

We have people with bigger hips, legs, or thighs, if you are one of these people you will definitely need to try the relaxed-fit jeans.

Choose the pair of jeans that is best for you!

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