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People have always been air drying hair clothes. Nowadays although we have fancy electrical powered washers and dryers air dryer is always the best option.

While electrical dryers may be reliable and very convenient in some cases, air drying is free of cost and makes your clothes last longer.

Without a doubt, there are countless other benefits of air drying. The air-drying method is better not only for your clothes but also for the environment.

You will also be saving yourself from getting exposed to radiation that may be emitted from some dryers.

How Long Do Jeans Take To Dry?

Air drying clothes can take between half-hour and a day depending on the conditions. The weather condition, as well as the types of materials used to make the clothing, are critical factors.

Some thinner sheer material clothing will definitely dry very quickly sometimes even less than a half-hour, however, a pair of jeans will take much more time.

If your clothes are drying outside it may be quicker in the sunny weather, whilst inside it may be quicker if the inside is warmer.

What Setting Should You Dry Jeans On?

Typically it is preferable to use mild/medium heat when using the drying machine. However, the setting you put the dryer on will be based on the type of clothing.

Air drying is way safer than using the machine dryer, but we cannot leave out the convenience and reliability of machine dryers. This means that at least at some point we may have to use dryer machines depending on the situation.

how long does it take to air dry

Normally, for cotton materials, like towels and large duvets I would go for higher heat, this is necessary as these clothes are way thicker.

In addition, most clothes could dry on medium heat, especially clothes bearing materials like nylon and polyester will be safer in this setting. On the other hand low heat/delicate dry is for the clothes that can be easily damaged and torn apart, like sheer or silk materials.

How to dry jeans fast?

With most working-class people rushing to complete their jobs sometimes, it can be hectic to take care of personal space. Laundry is a big challenge for most people, especially when it gets to the drying part. Below are the five best ways to dry your jeans.

how long do jeans take to air dry

  1. Fix washer setting: Set your washer on fast spin so that more water will be released from the jeans after rinsing that way it will dry faster whether you air dryer or use a machine dryer.
  2. Handwashing: If you are hand washing, ensure you shake off most of the water from the jeans. Geeting most of the visible water from the jeans will allow them to dry faster.
  3. Use the correct dryer settings: Jeans normally dry faster on high heat, ensure that the dryer you are using is placed on this setting throughout the cycle.
  4. Dry the jeans using other heat sources: You can dry using a blow dryer, behind a fridge heater, air conditioner heat vent, etc. Traditionally we don’t use these tools, but they are a great way to get your jeans dry very fast.
  5. Hang jeans when it is sunny: Choose to hang your jeans when the sun is out, if it is overcast or very cold it means the jeans will take longer to dry. Place your jeans indirect heat. The jeans should be placed in direct sunlight to air dry faster, instead of hanging in a shady area, choose where the sun is directly concentrated.

5 Important drying tips for Your Favorite Jeans

If you love wearing jeans, you probably own a pair (or a dozen). And you know how much they can get stinky by the end of the day. That’s why we’re going to share with you jeans advice for cleaning and drying your favourite jeans.

  1. You can iron out your favourite jeans after washing, that way they will be close to dry and protected from the intense heat of the dryer machine.
  2. If your jeans are almost dry you can still wear them. A pair of jeans that is about 80 percent dry can still be worn and is even better for your favourite jeans.
  3. You can also dry your jeans by leaving them overnight on a hanger indoors, but ensure it’s in an open space so it doesn’t have a funky odour.
  4. It’s better to air dry your jeans if you want them to last longer. Although the dryer machine may be more convenient, it is never safer.
  5. Use sunlight as a drying method every chance you get. It not only get rid of excess water but protects your clothes and air them out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you iron jeans?

Yes, you can iron jeans. It is one of the best ways to get your jeans dry easily. Although it may not be a conventional method it is safe than using a dryer machine.

Can you dry the jeans in the dryer?

Sure drying your jeans in the dryer is better for convenience. Although it is not the safest method, when practised correctly it can be done.

Can I dry clothes in the oven?

It is possible for you to oven-dry your clothes, however, you have to take many precautions when doing this. Ensure the clothes are not too wet and turn off the oven after placing the clothes inside.

How to air dry jeans?

Place clothes in the open air without too much bundling. ensure that the clothes are close to a heat source this will allow them to dry faster. You can place clothes on a clothes rack, line, or even over a piece of furniture.

Final verdict

Without a doubt, air drying is the best method to keep your clothes lasting longer. Although we cannot hide the fact that using an electrical dryer is faster.

The best way for you to dry your clothes is to use air drying methods, but you still have to ensure you are air drying properly.

Yes, we all want convenience, but you also need to be mindful of the damages caused by using electrical drying machines. They are expensive and unhealthy for you and your clothes.

Choose the option that best suits you and your clothes.

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