Levis 560 vs 550 – Differences and Similarities [Explained]

The Levis 560 is a newer model of the classic 550 jean. The 560 has a higher rise and a slimmer fit through the hip and thigh. It is also available in more colors and washes than the 550. So, which is the better jean? The answer may depend on your body type and what you are looking for in a jean.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right pair of jeans. But for many people, the most important factor is the fit. And when it comes to finding the perfect fit, Levi’s is always a good place to start. But what’s the difference between the Levi’s 560 and 550?

The Levi’s 560 is a relaxed fit jean, while the 550 is a slim fit jean. The 560 has a wider leg opening and a higher rise, while the 550 has a narrower leg opening and a lower rise. So, which one is right for you?

It really depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer a more relaxed look, then the 560 is a good choice. If you prefer a more fitted look, then the 550 is a better choice. But ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one you like best.

Therefore, we will be breaking down all the facts in detail to evaluate them on a broad spectrum. 

 Levis 560 vs 550 Comparison Table

Both Levi’s 560 and 550 have a similar baggy design. However, if you pay close attention, you will notice the features that create subtle differences between these two. So, here are the features compared below in the table. 

FeatureLevi’s 560Levi’s 550
CutSlightly taperedStraight
Leg opening16 inches 16.5 inches 
SitsMid waistMid waist
FittingLoose Relaxed 
Wash Soft-washed Dark-washed 

Levis 560 Overview 

Among all Levi’s loose-fitted jeans, the 560 gives you the most comfortable experience. The design is referred to as “Comfort fit” and it serves the name just right. With fine-quality cotton materials, it has become the perfect pair for the summers or the falls. 

Levis 560 Jeans

Again, the jeans have a typical mid-rise fitting that suits most people. Because of the tapered cut, you get more space around your knees. This way, you can easily walk around and run errands wearing it. Not to mention, the wide leg openings are also perfect for all sneaker lovers. 

The soft-washed finish gives it a more appealing look. It also brings back the retro style of the early and mid-80s. That is why the Levi’s 560 is a classy choice with the best comfort. 


  • Comfortable leg opening design
  • Perfectly fits the waist
  • Not too tight on the thigh 
  • Uses high-quality breathable cotton 
  • Sufficient pockets 


  • Liquid detergents needed to prevent discoloration
  • Do not include stretching features

Levis 550 Overview

The Levi’s 550 is all about the casually chic designs. It takes the good old classic concept of loose-fitted jeans and enhances it by adding modern elements. For instance, the legs offer you a classic straight cut. However, at the very end of the legs, you will notice a slight tapering. 

Levis 550 Jeans

As a result, you can easily pair it up with your favorite sandals without any inconvenience. The dark tones also add stylish elements to its overall design. You can wear it with any t-shirt, and it will look amazing on you.  

Moreover, the denim fits perfectly on your lower waist area. That is why it gives you great support while walking and sitting. So, if you face difficulties with low-rise jeans, this one can be a superb alternative for you. 


  • Stylish straight leg design 
  • Include a loose-fitting at the thigh 
  • Come with durable zippers 
  • An ideal shape for tall people 
  • Cotton materials do not cause any irritations 
  • Extremely comfortable for regular usage 


  • Need to wash inside out 
  • The design might seem a bit too baggy  

Levis 560 vs 550 – Similarities

Judging from the first impression, you will hardly notice much difference between these two. That is right. Both Levi’s 560 and 550 share many similarities. 

Firstly, let us talk about the same loose-fitted design. These designs are Levi’s classics from the ’80s. So, you can enjoy a retro vintage outlook from both of these types of denim. 

After that comes the mid-rise fitting. In most cases, low-rise jeans come with inconvenience or discomfort issues. But with these, you will experience the best fittings and support. [Levis 560 vs 550]

Lastly, the layout of the pockets and the closure mechanisms are also similar. Both include 5 pockets in total and high-quality fly zips for closure. 

Levis 560 vs 550 – Differences

Despite all those similarities, you can find certain features that help to differentiate between them. One of the most prominent differences is the cutting style of the legs.

Levis 560 vs 550

The Levi’s 560 has more of a tapered cut while the 550 gives you a straight cut. Because of that, the tapered one gives you more space to move around. So, it has a more loose-fitted shape than the straight one. 

Again, the opening of the legs also has different measurements. You can easily tell the difference by placing them side by side. And finally, the denim washes make a significant difference between them. The 560 goes for light tones whereas the 550 opts for darker tones. 

Levis 560 vs 550: Which One to Choose

All the similarities and differences make it clear that both of these have a distinct target audience. That means the choice between the Levi’s 560 and 550 will vary from person to person. [Levis 560 vs 550]

For example, the Levi’s 560 will be ideal for you if you enjoy wearing loose-fitted jeans on casual days. Again, these are excellent choices for athletic persons.  

On the other hand, the Levi’s 550 is better for semi-casual looks. Unlike the 560, it has a straight cut that gives it more structure. Therefore, you can choose them for weekend outings or regular activities. [Levis 560 vs 550]

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Final Words

Well, that surely was a close Levis 560 vs 550 battle. Both the pieces of denim have a lot of things in common. They both offer classy outlooks with superb comfort. 

Still, the unique features make them different from one another. And because of that, they serve different purposes depending on your requirements.

So, make sure to note down the things that you are looking for. And then, choose your perfect pair of Levi’s denim wisely. [Levis 560 vs 550]

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