Difference Between Slim and Slim Straight – Which Is Fit For You?

Slim straight jeans have grown popular on the fashion scene due to their great design. These jeans have been on the rise with popular jeans such as skinny jeans and relaxed-fit jeans.

These jeans are super comfortable and they fit extremely well. The design is appropriate for people of all sizes and shapes.

These slim jeans are quite similar to slim straight jeans. However, they are a bit tighter, the design is similar to that of super skinny jeans, but which much more stretch.

Nowadays you have plenty of options with multiple variations in both slim and slim straight fit jeans.

Although you might love the slim jeans they do not offer much room for comfort if that’s what you are going for.

The slim straight jeans offer more room, which provides more comfort while providing a great look.

What are slim straight jeans?

The slim straight-fit design jeans fit a bit closer from the waist to knees, however its much looser at the legs. However, the overall cut of the jeans remains the same giving an extremely straight look.

Slim straight-fit jeans are similar to your typical skinny jeans in fit. However, the design is way looser.

These jeans are ideal for persons who want a bit more room while maintaining a classic look.

There is no tapering in the slim straight-fit jeans, the design adds style to the legs of the jeans.

The jeans having their straight leg looks very neat and appealing, whilst you are getting a bit looser fit on the legs.

Who can wear straight jeans?

Anyone can rock a pair of straight jeans due to their versatility, however, there are body types like the hourglass, apple, and athletic shapes that are even more suited for the straight slim fit jeans.

They give a comfortable look, the design seems simple but these jeans go well with most body types and any top.

Although they are a bit looser than the traditional slim fit, the overall refreshing look of the jeans is not missing.

You still get a slim fit, but with more room on in the legs, giving you a chance to have a modern look.

What does slim fit mean?

The slim fit means that the jeans are designed to be very close-fitting from the waist through to the legs.

These slim-built jeans are deliberately designed to latch onto the skin and provide a highlight for your figure.

They are popular because of the modern design and the great look it gives provides for wearers.

Who can wear slim-fit jeans?

Slim-fit jeans are not limited to any specific body time, we all can rock them. The jeans are extremely tight, but they can fit anyone in the right size.

For most people, the problem is that they are not choosing the right sizes. Thus it allows them to feel uncomfortable and even gets bruised.

However, if you choose the right size jeans for you the slim fit jeans should fit you nicely highlighting your nice physique.

The jeans are deliberately tight which provides a highlight for your figure and the design of the jeans.

Difference between slim and slim straight

Slim and Slim Straight jeans are quite similar, they’re both slim fit and come in dark jeans and a variety of washes and color options. The biggest differences between the two pairs of jeans are the fit and the way they’re cut. Slim jeans are cut tighter and looser, compared to Slim Straight. A slim pair of jeans normally has a higher rise and sits lower on the waist. A pair of Slim Straight jeans sit at the waist instead of low. Take a look at the table below that shows the difference between slim vs slim straight jeans.

Difference between Slim and Slim Straight jeans


Slim Fit

Slim straight


Very tight not much stretch

Some amount of stretch



Not as small as slim fit 



More room available

Leg opening 

Very small

Looser and provides way for much more movement.

Price Start From



Slim vs Slim Straight; Which is The Right Fit For You?

It all depends on the look and style you are desirous of. If you want a looser fit in the leg, you will have to go for slim-fit straight jeans.

However, if you are going for jeans with a closer fit. Hugging your skin nicely and highlighting your nice figure, you will definitely choose slim-fit jeans.

Therefore it’s up to you to decide what look or feel you want in your jeans. After deciding this you will see that one might suit you more than the other.

Inevitably it’s based on the individual’s preferences, so there is not a general assumption that one is way better than the other.

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Final verdict

Both slim and slim straight fit jeans are excellent in design and fit. However, it’s up to you to decide your style.

If you are going for a look that begs the slim-fit straight jeans design, then you can try it out. You will look great and you can give your legs a breeze from the traditional skin designs tightness.

When figuring out if which is jeans are better. It has to be based on what you prefer, the decision is left up to you to choose the jeans that are best suited for you.

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